6 Ways of Finding those Great Blog Post Ideas

The article is devoted to 6 Ways of Finding those Great Blog Post Ideas. In order to be effective in blogging, you have to be a good writer. And to become a successful writer, you have to be able to regularly come up with something to write about. Among writers, there is this something they call writer’s block and this applies to bloggers as well.

6 Ways of Finding those Great Blog Post Ideas

Bloggers are not spared from the inconveniences of trying to brainstorm for blog post ideas but the tank is just empty so no ideas come out of it. If you cannot regularly come up with new content, it could start the demise of your blog.

It’s the content that drives blogs. It’s the content that attracts readers and keeps them there. If the content stops, the readers will also stop.

How to look for blog post ideas

These are easy to digest, very simple to implement methods and they will provide you with more ideas than you will ever need. They’ll make sure your tank of ideas never empties itself again.

Blog post idea generator #1: Read other blogs that are related to your own blog’s niche

This should be the very first thing you do once you see yourself running out of things to write about. Always keep a bunch of other blogs in your niche bookmarked and make it a habit to visit them as regularly as you can. Write down notes on topics and issues that you find interesting. Look for things that weren’t fully tackled or explained by the other blogger. You can write a post on your blog that expands more about these topics.

One particular strategy that is very effective is to write a blog post which contains your own opinion about a blog post contained in another blog. This is an easy way to attract readers most especially if your opinion didn’t agree with the original poster’s opinion.

Blog post idea generator #2: Read a magazine related to your blog’s topic

As always, keep on taking notes. Experiment with ideas. If you see information in the magazine that you can’t find anywhere else on the web, grab the opportunity to become the first one to break the news to online readers. This doesn’t necessarily mean copying the contents of the magazine. Instead, you write your own take on the issues.

Blog post idea generator #3: Read any magazine

Yes, any magazine. In fact, just simply looking at a magazine’s cover can give you a lot of blog post ideas.

Let us say for instance that you are looking at a men’s magazine and there on the cover in big, bold letters is an article teaser that says “The 100 Sexiest Women in the World”. You can revise it to come up with a blog post that can be titled “The 100 Sexiest Bloggers in the World” or anything along that line.

It’s really easy to get ideas from the covers of a magazine alone. What more if you take the time to peruse the magazine from cover to cover looking for blog post ideas.

Blog post idea generator #4: Review your blog archives

Go over your past articles and find those that needs to be explained or expanded more. Find ways to create new content based on these past articles. Don’t just rewrite them. Add something new like updates and newer issues regarding the post in question.

Blog post idea generator #5: Watch TV

Just don’t be a mindless crap consumer! Find the two or three best shows in your niche. No matter what niche your blog in, there is a couple of TV shows out there that caters to people like your readers. Get a hold of these shows and let them inspire you with ideas.

Blog post idea generator #6: Ask help from your readers

It’s as simple as asking your readers to suggest ideas on what they want to read on your blog. You can place a widget on your blog where readers can post their questions. All you have to do now is to pick a question, answer it as clearly as you can then publish your answer as a standalone blog post.

Now you’ll have to agree that finding those great blog post ideas is not that very difficult if you know how to look and where to look. So, how about you? Where do you find your best post ideas?

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