6 Features to look for when choosing a web host

In the article I’m going to tell you about 6 Features to look for when choosing a web host. Today web hosting is one of the largest industries and it is continually growing. Several services sprout up every week in heavy competition to offer the best deal and services. This is not entirely surprising as the Internet is a huge marketplace today with billions of dollars swapped across the world in a matter of seconds, with the convenience of the Internet for more information and e-commerce several companies and individuals are turning towards this medium which is what has caused the web hosting startup rush.

6 Features to look for when choosing a web host

One of the main things to look for in a web host would be the add-on features offered. Interestingly enough, some services that have a price tag appended to the add-on features are provided free by another host for a cheaper web hosting deal.

  • Disk Space and Bandwidth
    This is pretty much a ‘stock’ feature in web hosting plans, with prices of hard disks and processors plummeting everyday to make way for more powerful hardware, this is usually offered in abundance by most hosts so make sure you don’t compromise on this.
  • Databases
    If you are planning on using any kind of web application, the need for databases would usually be mandatory which is where all the data in the application (or your website) would be stored, this is provided generously too and several hosting providers offer unlimited number of databases.
  • Email Hosting
    Personally I prefer to redirect all my mail servers for my domains to be handled by Gmail, however email provided with web hosting are decent too. Popular mail services provided with your hosting include SquirrelMail, Neomail and Roundcube. Quantity of emails allowed usually range in the 100+ range to unlimited.
  • Website Builder
    If you still haven?t felt the need to jump on the blogging bandwagon and prefer a traditional website instead, several hosting providers offer free site builders that let you build professional websites with impressive layouts without requiring any web developing knowledge.
  • Backups
    This is one of the most important requirements, you can never feel safe enough with your website, apart from doing your part of making multiple backups in online servers as well as offline, it is important that the web host does this for you on a frequent basis as well, this service varies greatly depending on the server in terms of frequency and the content (files and databases) which are backed up.
  • One-click Web Application Installations
    Several web hosts now offer one-click installation to popular, free web applications making it easier than ever to setup a complete website almost instantly with absolutely no programming knowledge required. This includes blogging software like WordPress, forums like phpBB, content management software like Joomla, e-commerce software like zencart among several other applications. This depends on your host as well with some services offering only a couple of web applications while others offer several 100 to choose from.

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