3 Tips to Make your Blog Look More Professional

This article is about 3 Tips to Make your Blog Look More Professional. It doesn’t get much more professional than this! In the same way that people look at how something is said and not just what is said, your blog needs to look clean, neat and professional. This increases its authority, credibility, and of course, its appeal. A professional blog looks smart; right from the very layout, to the quality of its content and its color schemes.If you have yet no idea on how you can turn your blog into something that looks professional, a good start would be to look at some of the most well–visited blogs.

3 Tips to Make your Blog Look More Professional

You will notice that the template is neat so you can easily find articles that you are looking for. It is inviting to the eye; photos are well-chosen, fonts are readable and colors are relaxing and easy on the eye. Such blogs manage to look interesting even if one has not yet started to read its contents.

Now in your quest to further professionalize your blog, observe the following guidelines:


Choose the appropriate theme

If you have just started your blog, it might wise for you to choose one of the free themes offered by blog tools like Blogger or WordPress.

However, if you’re serious about blogging and you can afford it, I’d recommend to use a premium theme such as those offered by WooThemes, Elegant Themes or Obox (these are just my personal favorites, you can visit aggpress for a wider selection of premium theme designers.)

In choosing templates, consider the following:

  • Functionality. When it comes to functionality, look for a template that lets you incorporate elements like widgets, photos or news feeds, as these could be useful in the future when you have more content to share on your blog. Consider your preferences – do you want to post several pictures at a time? Do you want room for ads on your blog? Your template should be based on the purpose of your blog.
  • Look. It needs to send the message that you are reliable and professional. Blue oftentimes gives a message of peace and security, whereas black refers to mystery. When it comes to color, consider the gender of your audience. If you are targeting both men and women, your colors should appeal to both. Fonts should be easy to read.

Fill in the ‘About Us’ or ‘About Me’ section

People do care about who writes what they are reading, so you might want to share with your audience relevant information that would help you further establish a sense of authority on the subjects you are dealing with.

You do not need to give very personal information about yourself of course; all you need to do is provide information about the range of topics you are interested in and, perhaps, how your audience could contact you, via email at least, for their comments, inquiries and suggestions.

Of course you don’t even need to provide your full name in your blog. What you put in the ‘About Me’ section depends on the kind of professional blog you’re maintaining.

For instance, if it is a medical blog, then you may want to state your years of experience in the medical profession. If you are an artist, you may want to provide a link to your portfolio or most famous works.

Archive and label your posts diligently

Putting the right tags and labels to your posts will serve you good both in the short-term and long-term existence of your professional blog. This makes it easier for search engines to associate your blog with the right keywords people are looking for. It will also help you sort out your blogs per subject or date.

This is why archiving is equally important. Your blog template should help provide you with a convenient way to archive your posts. A professional look may seem vague at first, but now you have a clear idea on how you can truly professionalize your blog.

So what are you waiting for? Evaluate your blog, analyze your needs and get yourself on the right track. And make sure you tell us how is it going!

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