3 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid

The following article tells you about 3 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid. Being successful at SEO often comes down to fine margins. You make a few mistakes while setting up your website, and you could be paying the price further down the line. Conversely, you might have set up your website perfectly, but your promotional strategy is flawed and it holds you back. SEO does not have to be as complicated as it usually appears to a beginner though. When you can avoid the following 3 mistakes, you can usually put yourself ahead of most of the competition.

3 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid


On-page optimization

The first mistake occurs on your own website, which makes it the easiest to control and fix. The key to successful on-page optimization is to let the search engines know what a page is about without letting it appear that you are doing it unnaturally. To achieve this, you should avoid adding too many occurrences of the same word or phrase. Try to write naturally, and you will usually achieve the right results anyway.

Add your chosen keyword to the title of your page, but do this in a way that is pleasing to a reader. You can also add a good meta description with the intention of enticing a search engine user to click your link. If you have a large website, it is a good idea to create an internal linking structure which will make it easier for the search engines to navigate around your site.

Off-page optimization

This relates to any backlinks that are directed towards your website. If you create good content, you will naturally receive links from people who value this quality and want to recommend it to others. This will probably not be enough to compete in a competitive market though, and you will need to find places where you can add your own links. There are various places to get links, including article directories, blog networks, guest blogging, forums, press releases, and social networks.

Not varying the anchor text of your links is a common mistake and should be avoided if you want to avoid a penalty. It would be unusual for every link to a site to have the same anchor text, so try to avoid doing this excessively. Also, avoid building links too quickly as this can often result in a penalty with the search engines.

Link diversity

This refers to the various locations you can get a link back to your site. As listed above, there are numerous places you can get a link from, but many people rely on very few of these. It is common for a website owner to focus on article directories and guest blogging, for example, but never set up a presence on social networking sites. A diverse link profile will effectively mirror a successful authority site which relies only on naturally occurring links.

If you are struggling to find places to add links, take a look at your biggest competitor for some inspiration. There are various software tools that allow you to look at the backlink profile of another site, and this will tell you exactly where they are getting links from.

These three SEO mistakes should be avoided if you want to rank well in the search engines. The problem with all three is that it is easy for the search engines to work out what you are doing. Taking a more cautious, natural approach will be a better strategy for now and, in all probability, for the future.

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