11 WordPress Plugins Every Blog Should Have

The article is about 11 WordPress Plugins Every Blog Should Have. Due to its unique design and ease of use, and putting into consideration that WordPress can be downloaded for free, it has grown to be the most popular blogging platform used by thousands of bloggers and website owners all over the world. One of the advantages of using WordPress as a blogging platform is that developers and programmers have created many plugins which can be easily integrated to the blog.

11 WordPress Plugins Every Blog Should Have


But what is a plugin?

A WordPress Plug-in is a small program that is meant to add the overall functionality of a WordPress blog or website. Plugins make WordPress more interactive and make the experience on your blog much more interesting. In just a matter of minutes, you can immensely increase the functionality of your blog or transform it into something more exciting. The best thing is that most plugins are offered for free, and can be downloaded from the WordPress plug-in directory.

Here, we take a look at the top 10 most powerful plugins that every WordPress blog should have.

1. Akismet Plug-in: If you have a WordPress powered website or blog, you will notice that with time as your blog becomes more and more popular, you will get many unwanted spam comments. The Akismet WordPress plug-in was designer to control this and they argue that it works 99% of the times. This plug-in helps filter and remove the unwanted comments and it is simple to install and configure. If you have Akismet on your blog, you do not need any filter or captcha in your comments submissions.

2. Redirection Plugin: Automatically, the WordPress Engine is unable to perform 301 re-directions. The inclusion of the Redirection plugin ensures that this is done and you can even make your own custom re-directions to any page you want on the blog. This is a very useful plug-in that does all redirects you want very well and easily making your work much easier and pages much easier to navigate.

3. WordPress DB Manager: This is a wonderful backup tool that can be automated to manage all your WordPress database backups. It is efficient, easy to configure and actually has the ability to email the entire database to a specified email address everyday.

4. All in One SEO Pack – This wonderful plugin optimizes your WordPress website for Search Engines. This can be very important as you do not want to have a good blog that does not get any ranking with the search engines. The All in One SEO Pack helps you insert meta-tags in your blog posts and perform other SEO tasks that help you get more traffic to your blog.

5. Lighter Menus: This helps in making the navigability of your WordPress admin panel much easier and thus helps save time and space.

6. WPtouch iPhone Theme: This plug-in helps give your blog a lighter version that can be easily accessed from a mobile device.

7. WP Photo Ads: A great plugin that allows people to add Pay-Per-Click and other advertising to their photos.

8. WordPress Automatic Upgrade: Now and then, WordPress upgrades from one version to another and it can be crucial for you to have the latest version on your blog or website too. Upgrading WordPress can be a little tricky, costly and risky. If not done correctly you may end up losing a lot of data. Upgrading WordPress can be made easy by installing this plug-in to your website.

9. WP Super Cache: This helps in loading the website much faster especially when you have installed many themes and plugins.

10. WP Security Scan: However much you think you have secured your blog or website, it can still be hacked. This Plugin does the job of identifying all the loose ends in your blog.

11. Top Commentors: This WordPress Plugin inserts a sidebar at the bottom left side of your blog that shows the top commentors on your blog. This links back to their websites via a dofollow link and it is a a great way of motivating more people to comment and contribute to your blog.

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