Why Your Affiliate Marketing Business Isn’t Picking Up

The article concerns the question – Why Your Affiliate Marketing Business Isn’t Picking Up. There could be a lot of different things keeping your affiliate marketing business from taking off.  You came here for answers, but I can only give a few at a time.  If I gave away all the tricks and strategies to overcome the disappointments in that first launch, it would fill a library.  I’ll try and condense it into a few central issues.

Why Your Affiliate Marketing Business Isn’t Picking Up

You’re Outsourcing the Wrong Stuff to a Foreign Country

Outsourcing to countries like India and Pakistan is okay for some tasks in affiliate marketing, but you CANNOT do it with everything.  They can effectively upload videos, bookmark, and many other elements of marketing for pennies on the dollar.  It’s when they’re in a position of being your voice that things can get problematic.

I’m not one to disparage outsourcing your written content in general.  Many people do it and it works well.  The thing of it is that you will want to outsource your written content to people who speak your language as their first one.

You Haven’t Done Your Niche Research Correctly

Doing proper niche research is the very first rule of launching a successful marketing campaign.  If your niche isn’t going to take off, you’re not going to be successful, and there’s nothing you can do about it but get out.  It doesn’t matter if the niche looks interesting to you; you have to research it.

Let’s say that you see that there’s a lot of money being made in a niche for robotics.  You’re a fan of robotics, so you think this niche would be perfect to start in.  Did you take into account that there are a lot of marketers working the niche already?  How about if these marketers have been working the niche a long time?  Starting off in a marketer-saturated niche is never a good way to start.

You Didn’t Get Your Keyword Research Right

Okay, while it’s true that most vendors will supply you with keywords, you still have to do keyword research.  What you’re missing out on if you just use their keywords is getting an edge over every other affiliate marketer they gave keywords to.  You’ll have to fight harder to rank over the other affiliates if you miss this step.

Think of it this way, especially if you’re new in the business.  Other, more experienced marketers have already started working with this vendor.  They’re already miles ahead of you when it comes to the keyword list you were given.  If you find other keywords, not only will you have a side angle at competing, you may find better keywords than you were given.

You’re not getting Your Listbuilding Right

Listbuilding is a super important part of an affiliate marketer’s career.  Your first few affiliate campaigns may not make you much money, but they can definitely get you a list, which you can use to make more money later.  Your list consists of people that are already interested in your stuff, so they’re the ones most likely to buy from you.  Take them from one campaign to another and the money WILL come.

These are just a few of the problems you might encounter in affiliate marketing.  There are many more, but these are the major ones.

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