Why you should stay active with Twitter

The article concerns the following question – Why you should stay active with Twitter. Many people underestimate the power of Twitter. The fact is, using Twitter can not only be enjoyable but the benefit of having a large group of followers can be huge when you start pushing your website or articles that will help you get exposure.

Why you should stay active with Twitter

One thing to keep in mind is that using Twitter correctly will require you to either build yourself up as an individual or you’ll have to take on some sort of handle/company name to work with. The decision is up to you, but the benefit of being able to Tweet as yourself means that toucan push more than one agenda at any given time. It would be awkward for you to start tweeting as a company name only to have other topics that you could really benefit from discussing not falling in line with the personality you created.

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of client you want to use. There are plenty for the computer and mobile phone as well. You can even set it to go through text messaging if you want to keep it nice and simple. After you find your client, the next step is to set up your profile correctly. Create a desirable username and upload an image to it. Then look into custom themes so you can set your web presence apart from the average user.
From there you’re going to need followers but before you do that make sure you’ve got a few updates under your belt. Then you can simply use one of the many web based tools to search through all of Twitter for users talking about any topic that’s relevant to what you want to discuss. Start following them and hopefully they’ll do the same for you, if you hold their interest that is.

Now comes the hardest part: content. You’re going to need to be interesting. Don’t just recycle news that’s in popular places unless you find another way to spin it. Make sure to use tinyurls to save space when you include a link anywhere as well or you’ll easily surpass that 140 character limit. But your biggest concern will be not falling behind. Make sure to treat this just like blogging. That means set a routine and stick too it!

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