Why People Find Blogging Difficult

Possible reasons why some people find blogging difficult.

– Not having passion for blogging or for your niche at all.
– Not having typing skills or the endurance habit to type.
– Having to write on so many topics.

These three things mentioned above can make you loose interest in blogging totally. But overcoming these challenges means you are on the route to becoming a PRO Blogger.

Why People Find Blogging Difficult


Not having passion for blogging or for your niche at all

Some have joined the blogging world because of the money they plan to make out it. So they start up a blog, not having any interest whatsoever, they just hope as time goes on, they will pick interest and everything will be fine. That’s simply a wrong idea. What you simply don’t have passion for from the beginning, it will take divine intervention to get along with time. So the simple solution to this problem is choose something you love doing most and blog on it.

Not having typing skills or endurance habit to type

If you think typing is easy, not really. It’s not a grace given to everyone, and at the same time, it’s a skill that can be acquired. It’s not always easy when you have to seat, think, and type all at the same time. But the good news is, to avoid typing completely, you can install a speech to text application, either on your PC or your mobile phone. Having this application installed will be a great milestone achieved and could make blogging a lot less difficult for you.

Having to write on so many topics

I come across blogs everyday and one thing is common with all these new guys wanting to get into blogging. They write on trends, fashion, celebs, food, how to make money, etc. First of all, I see that the owner of the blog is a jack of all trade and master of none. Secondly, one person can’t tell me he can simply handle all those niches all by himself, unless of course the person is connected to the spiritual world. Choose one, let the world know you for something in particular. Don’t be a copy and paste master, be original.

You can excel in blogging only if you make amendments in your blogging life. You also need encouragements which you can for sure get from this blog. Just subscribe to my mailing list and you will get notified whenever I post something new.

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