Why Not Study Online?

The article concerns the question – Why Not Study Online? In the last few years more and more high school programs have become available online. There are quite a few advantages to these programs but there are also some disadvantages. It is important that you keep this in mind if you are considering one of these programs. Online study is not a good idea for everybody it is important that you think about the disadvantages in order to make sure that it is a good idea in your case.

Why Not Study Online

There are a few reasons that it might not be a good idea to study online, the biggest is making sure the work actually gets done. As much as we would like to believe that we are all motivated to succeed the reality is that most of us only really put in the work when there is somebody there telling us to do it. This becomes very obvious when you start studying online.

With no teacher there to watch over your shoulder most people don’t do the required work and wind up never finishing their studies. This is especially true of high school students. This is something that really needs to be considered if you are going to enroll your child in an online high school program. Either the child has to be really motivated or the parents are going to have to really watch over their shoulder to make sure that the work gets done.

The other big problem with taking your high school studies online is that there are no teachers there to help you when you get stuck. Some subjects like math are not easy to learn without the assistance of a teacher. In order to succeed with online studies you really need to be a strong independent learner.

Most online schools offer some kind of support, usually in the form of tutor you can call if you get stuck but this is hardly a replacement for a full time teacher. Unless you are very confident in your ability to learn with the aid of a teacher online learning may not be for you.

One issue with online learning that applies to high school students more than it does to adult learners is the lack of opportunity to socialize. At least when adults take online university courses they usually have jobs and coworkers with whom they can socialize. This often isn’t the case for high school students whose social life is usually dominated by their classmates. This is a problem if the student doesn’t have any classmates.

Certainly there are other ways to make sure that your child is able to socialize with other people his own age but this is something you have to make sure you think about. A student who never socializes with his peers is going to have problems when he gets older so this is an important issue if your child is taking high school online.

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