Why Make Getting Traffic to Your Website Harder Than It Has to Be?

The article concerns an interesting question – Why Make Getting Traffic to Your Website Harder Than It Has to Be? While getting traffic to your website seems to be the biggest barrier between many marketers and success, it really isn’t as big a deal as many people make it. If getting traffic to your website is your biggest hurdle, the tips offered below will help you transform your traffic from a dribble to a tsunami.

Why Make Getting Traffic to Your Website Harder Than It Has to Be?


Free methods drive traffic for those with little money to spend

Having little or no money is no excuse for a lack of targeted traffic!  Today, there are literally hundreds of tactics you can use to increase traffic to your website.

Write articles and link them to your site.  Post on relevant forums, and include a link to your site in your signature.  Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.  Blog, and comment on other people’s blogs.  Guest post on a related blog, or offer a free article to a website owner as long as you can include a link in your signature.  Post an ad on Craigslist, and make up business cards you can hand out when you’re running errands.

Getting traffic to your website using paid methods

Many people drive traffic using paid advertising methods.  Google ads are effective if you write an enticing ad and use the right keywords.  Pay for advertising on the front page of someone’s website or blog that ranks highly and gets a great deal of traffic.

Pay for an ad in online local directories or in online newsletters that have a large readership.

Use simple SEO to drive traffic

While getting traffic to your website through SEO takes a little longer for getting results, those results will last for years.  Optimize your pages, create inbound links, and add fresh content frequently.  Link your blog to your website, and link from other people’s blogs by commenting on their posts.

Sure it takes work, but the effort you put forth will produce amazing results!

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