Why Listbuilding is Essential to Online Marketing Success

The article concerns the following question – Why Listbuilding is Essential to Online Marketing Success. Ask nearly any successful online marketer the secret to their success, and they will likely tell you it’s all “in the list.”  What they are talking about, of course, is listbuilding or building a list of opt-in e-mail subscribers with whom they can communicate any time they like.  Whether you are marketing a product, a service, an affiliate product, or one of your own, it is essential to learn the art of listbuilding if you plan on being a successful, independent business owner.

Why Listbuilding is Essential to Online Marketing Success


What do you do with a list?

When you build a list of subscribers, you are essentially building a large group of people who are interested in what you have to offer.  First of all, they are already interested, or they wouldn’t bother to give you their names and e-mail addresses.  Listbuilding helps you create a group of potential buyers that you get to know and become familiar with.  As time goes on and you send informative, helpful e-mails on a frequent basis, these people will come to trust you; trust is important if you expect people to buy your products or try your services.

As you build your list, your main objective is to build a relationship with these people.  When you send an e-mail, not only do you build up your product and offer it to your subscribers,  but you also offer them tidbits of information here and there that will help them.  Give them free reports occasionally, a link to a fantastic video, and just let them get to know a little bit about who you are.

Listbuilding increases your profits exponentially

Listbuilding is one of the most crucial factors in your success.  Why?  Think about this for a minute.  When people visit your site, unless you have something fantastic to say or a great offer for them, they usually won’t stay long.  Most visitors don’t buy anything on a first visit, either.  This means that a potential buyer came to your site, stayed 30 seconds or maybe even 5 minutes, and left.  That customer is potentially lost to you forever.

On the other hand, when you build a list of targeted subscribers, you have the chance to market your product or service to that list over and over again.  When people trust you and they need a solution to their problems, they will buy.  What is the great thing about listbuilding?  Even after customers buy your first product, they are likely to purchase the next, as well, if they felt the first one offered great value.  Build a list of thousands of subscribers, and you have an income for life!

How to build a list of targeted subscribers

The easiest way to start building your list is to offer something of value on your blog or website in exchange for the visitor’s name and e-mail address.  This can be a free report or e-book, a limited time membership, CDs – anything that relates to the information and products you are selling on your website.  Make it an offer they can’t resist, and you will find that it doesn’t take all that long to build a fairly decent-sized list.

Can you understand why listbuilding is so important?  The successful online marketers aren’t any smarter than you are; they just know that building a list is the first stepping stone toward huge success on the Internet!

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