Why Listbuilding is an Essential Strategy in Your Marketing Efforts

The article concerns the following question – Why Listbuilding is an Essential Strategy in Your Marketing Efforts. Listbuilding is an essential strategy if you plan to make a lucrative income online.  The simple truth of the matter is that most of the people who visit your website will leave without making a purchase, never to return again.  This means those visitors are gone forever, and you have no chance to market to them.  Is listbuilding all that difficult?  Not really, if done the right way.

Why Listbuilding is an Essential Strategy in Your Marketing Efforts


Why You Need a List of Targeted Subscribers

When you build a list, you collect the names and e-mail addresses of those people who need a solution for a problem.  This means that you can communicate with these people through messages that are set up in an autoresponder series, or occasionally send an individual broadcast.  When you have a relationship with these people and they grow to trust your recommendations, they are much more likely to buy from you.

Why Marketers Have Problems with Listbuilding

Why are so many marketers (new and seasoned) not practicing listbuilding? Many don’t know how to persuade visitors who visit their site to sign up, or they are afraid they won’t know how to word the messages they send out to their list without sounding spammy.  In order to build a huge list of targeted subscribers, it is essential that you offer a valuable giveaway and build a trusting relationship; your list must feel that you offer them valuable information and really care about providing a solution to their problem or pain.

Don’t Make It about Money; Make It about Caring

Those who sign up on your list will quickly unsubscribe if you constantly spam them with e-mails that are full of nothing but links to buy something.  When people know that you’re in it strictly for the money, it’s a real turn-off.  Provide helpful, useful information in every message you send out, and even send a free report or link to a video occasionally.  This will help you earn their trust; over time, and they will easily buy any product you sell that they feel will be helpful to them.

In your listbuilding efforts, it is essential that you offer a free report, e-book, or e-course that provides solid information.  If they find the product you gave them useless, they are not likely to make a purchase from you.  Offer something of real, genuine value and continue to provide information they can use through your e-mail messages, and you will have a potential customer for life.

With listbuilding, you have the potential to send out a single e-mail and make thousands of dollars, which you won’t do without a list.  Can you see why it is so important to build a list of targeted subscribers?  Get started now!  A sizeable list will provide you with the potential to earn good money for years to come, as long as you continue to offer valuable information your subscribers can use.

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