Why Including List Building in Your Marketing Plan is so Important

The article gives some basic information on Why Including List Building in Your Marketing Plan is so Important. List building isn’t optional when you plan to make money online; it’s a must.  When you engage in list building, your opportunities to make money increase exponentially!  Here are a few reasons that you need to start building a targeted list of subscribers if you aren’t already doing so.

Why Including List Building in Your Marketing Plan is so Important


Building strong relationships and trust

When you build a list, you begin to build a trusting relationship with your subscribers.  Why is this so important?  Those on your list are far more likely to spend money with you when they trust you.

Think about this….Would you be more likely to make a purchase on a website you’ve just landed on and know nothing about or from someone you have come to trust because you feel like you know them?  When a subscriber comes to know you as an expert and somewhat of a friend, they’re much more likely to buy from you.

Your list can give you feedback

Another way list building helps you to grow your business is the feedback you can get from subscribers.

When you send messages, ask their opinions – even ask them what they want or what would be the best solution to their need/problem!  This helps you either find or create products/services that precisely meet their needs and solve their problem, meaning increased sales.

Back-end and future products

When you have a list of hundreds or thousands of subscribers, it’s like having money in the bank.

You know what your list wants.  Now, you can promote back-end products to your list and new products in the future that may further meet their needs or benefit them in some way.  You have the potential to sell to your list well in to the future.  Frequently, you become so attuned to the additional needs of those on your list that you can create new products yourself to meet those needs.

Now you can see why list building is not an option, it is an essential tactic in any marketing plan!

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