When Should I Post This To Twitter and Facebook?

The article concerns an interesting question – When Should I Post This To Twitter and Facebook? Every blogger, content generator, spammer and tweeter has a problem – “when do I post this [very valuable piece of content]?”

When Should I Post This To Twitter and Facebook?

It would be such a shame to have spent hours and hours of work on a post, video or article, only for a fraction of your audience to not even notice your bleets on facebook or twitter alerting them to the fact. Thankfully, the folks from bitly and Raka spent a bit of time investigating this for us. They have put an infographic together showing exactly when the best times are for getting the highest click-throughs.Its also interesting to note what times to avoid.

What is clear, is that the people turn to social media to help get them through the afternoon, no matter what day of the week it is. I would also encourage you to take timezones into account – it doesn’t help releasing a tweet on a Wednesday afternoon, when its still dark in the country you are targeting.


The highlights:


  • Best day to post: Monday to Thursday
  • Best time to post: 1pm – 3pm


  • Best day to post: Wednesday
  • Best time to post: 3pm

If you are wondering if I used this information to schedule this post… take a look at the time and day it was posted.

Drop me a comment below if you agree with these findings.

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