When It Comes To Marketing, Keep It Simple And Tell A Story

The title of the article – When It Comes To Marketing, Keep It Simple And Tell A Story. Countless companies spend unnecessary and incredible amounts of money on marketing consultants, advertising and strategies. When it comes to small business marketing, forget fancy graphic designs and high cost marketing strategies. Focus on the simple approach of telling your customers a story.

When It Comes To Marketing, Keep It Simple And Tell A Story


Find A Story To Tell

If you want to find new customers for your business, it’s time to find an effective story to tell.  The beauty of this simple strategy is that this story can look like anything you want.

Perhaps, you have a product and you want to tell your customers the story of how this product is produced from the beginning to the end.  Your priority is to get across the care and precision that goes into the production of such a product.

Or, perhaps you want to demonstrate the high level customer service of your company by telling stories of crazy situations that your customers found themselves in and how your company’s representatives helped them get out of these situations.

I read about a company that manufactured and sold blenders.  In order to increase brand awareness they created a series of videos called “Will It Blend?”  In this marketing campaign, they decided to create YouTube style videos of them throwing a variety of objects into their blenders to find out if that object will, in fact, blend.  I believe they threw in everything from a hammer to a phone.  They posted these videos on the internet.  The result?  A huge increase in sales, somewhere in the ballpark of 300%-400% increase.

This company decided that they wanted to tell the story that their blenders are so high-powered and so durable that they can blend just about anything.  They told the story through video.  As this example proves, you are not limited to text, you can use audio or video media to promote your message.

Does Your Website Tell A Story?

It’s time to take a hard look at your company’s website.  Does it tell a story?  Does it offer anything other than the basic information about your company and your products/services?  If it doesn’t, it is time to provide content that tells your visitors a story.

I recommend transitioning your website into a blog format.  A blog format allows you to easily add content whether it be text, audio, or video to easily tell a story to your visitors.  If you have initial apprehension about a blog format for your corporate website, it is important to note that a blog format just means a functional Content Management System (CMS).  This means you can add content without having to write code.  Of course this makes sense for your website.

It’s time to start communicating more effectively with your customers through a more dynamic website.  Change your website to a Content Management System and tell your customers a story.  In a short time, your brand will have more awareness and you should see an increase in customers and sales.  Take advantage of this easy to implement technology!

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