When Getting Traffic to Your Website Isn’t Enough

The following article tells you When Getting Traffic to Your Website Isn’t Enough. Some new affiliate marketers think that being extra nice is a good idea when they start doing business.  It IS a good strategy for getting traffic to your website, but the kid gloves are off when the traffic arrives. They think that this is a “refreshing approach” to making affiliate pages. What they don’t realize is that there is a good reason nobody who’s successful does this.

When Getting Traffic to Your Website Isn’t Enough

Having this quasi-humanitarian streak may seem refreshing, but it will never make you money. Customers, being what they are, will automatically make choices that aren’t in your best interest if given the chance. When you’re in business, the only place for humanitarian gestures is in the charities that you choose to give to.

Soft Selling Affiliate Marketers Let Money Go

The weaknesses that these soft affiliate marketers have are various. The most common one is that their webpages leave the viewers with too many options. When people shop, they’re looking for the cheapest options available. If the business owner gives too many choices between similar products, the customer will naturally choose the cheapest one.

The business owner will lose money from this. It’s not that this principle is necessarily a bad idea, that having similar products with varying prices is non-profitable. However, varying the price too much without giving them a reason to buy the more expensive product will definitely decrease your profit.

Letting People Leave Your Affiliate Page – Bad Call

Another mistake that some new affiliates make is that they allow people to leave their affiliate page too easily. On one hand, this is fine if you’re not selling anything, but if you are selling something, it’s practically an invitation not to spend money at your site. The only links that should be on any page from seeing the products on to the confirmation page should only lead inevitably to the confirmation page. You should not have any other links, period. Keep their paths away from buying your product to a minimum. It’s all just a waste of time and bandwidth otherwise.

Be Careful Who You Do Affiliate Marketing With

Affiliate marketing can be a money waster, also, if you’re not careful. Some people don’t actually pay attention with whom they’re affiliating and advertising on their page. You may wind up advertising for your competition if you’re not careful. That, or you may wind up advertising for something that would actually be an embarrassment for you or make your viewers uneasy.

When all is said and done, it’s amazing how easily people just throw away money that could be theirs. It isn’t about being agreeable, just coming to an agreement. You want your way and they want theirs. Just don’t let them know that they could have what they actually want in this transaction.

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