What time is best to update your blog, and how frequent?

The article concerns the question – What time is best to update your blog, and how frequent? The answer to this topic is straight and simple. No particular time is the best and any time is right.

What time is best to update your blog, and how frequent?

We should understand that we where not born the same time, not even twins are. So we can’t possibly do things the same time. Especially when it comes to ones hobbie, one should do things when it’s convinient for him or her so that interest won’t be lost in that which he or her is about to do.

You know I always like using myself as example. As a blogger, am also into other things, I programme web and desktop applications when I happen to get the contract to do such, I’m a computer engineer, fixing broken systems when I get the opportunity to do such jobs also. I also setup small network connections for homes and offices. Aside all those, I work for another company, doing something not related to computers at all, as a manager. I work Mondays – Sundays most times and it’s very tiring at each end of day.

Am sure you would have been thinking how I incorporate all these together. It’s exhausting just thinking about it, not to talk of engaging in it. Well, in a nutshell, I do all that mentioned above and I still have time and strenght at the end of some days, when the opportunity shows face, to also blog.

The best time to blog for me is still at the end of the day, right into the night, when my blood is still pumping and wanting to sleep. I just deny myself that sleep, knowing there’s someone somewhere wanting to learn from what am about to share.

Like it’s always being said, it’s what you don’t want to do that you won’t give attention to. What you are willing to do, you will find the time and also create the opportunity even if there’s none.

In the case of how frequent you should have your blog updated, as much as you must endeavour to update as frequent as you can, it doesn’t have to be an everyday afair. It could be once a week, or even in two weeks.

Some think if you don’t update daily, you will loose your audience. That’s not true. Just endeavour to post something people will always want to come back to read again and again, when you have the opportunity to post online. It’s much better than posting something people will just browse through daily or wont even have interest to read at all.

It all depends on you what time suits you to post and how frequent you want to post to the public. Whatever time it is you choose, make sure it’s the best time for you that you can achieve the best results.

Have a nice day and a fruitful blogging life ahead.

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