What Online Business Is NOT

Find out What Online Business Is NOT. Most people are not very comfortable with the idea of giving an online identity to their business or of starting a an internet business. Some of the reasons they give are usually based on misconceptions which hinder them from going online or cause them to opt out after they have attempted to. But what they do not realize is that by believing and not having the right knowledge and awareness about working online, they are doing much harm to their business and are losing out on much in terms of potential customers and sales.

What Online Business Is NOT


Here are some of the common misconceptions about what online business is:

For Big Businesses Only

Oftentimes home business owners believe that because their businesses are small, there is no need to have an online presence.

Everyone with a business or that wants to start one, irrespective of the size, can have an online presence and be successful as long as they are willing to learn how to make it work, put in the hard work and commitment required.

Get Rich Quick Scheme

A very important fact that elude most people about the internet is that it will make them rich within a few days. I do not doubt that there are very few people who were able to make thousands after a few click of the mouse but in reality, nothing works that way; success does not come overnight. Like any other venture, earning online require the know how, hard work and patience.

Many people are now enjoying hefty profits and reaping rewards of online marketing, but it is worth noting that they sort the knowledge, had a plan and followed it strictly.

For Web Designers Only

There is also this misconception that to start an online business, you have to be good at web designing or need to hire someone who will have the knowledge to manage it for you. Well, that is not the case. With free blogging tools like Wordpress, you can design your website without having prior web design knowledge. Again, if you are willing to learn, you can get it done.

 A Scam

“Once beaten twice shy”, they say. It is always very difficult to convince someone who had been victim of scam once or twice to give internet marketing a another look. Regrettably, they spread these information around and the impression some people have about internet marketing is that it is a scam and all internet marketers are scammers.

There are scams and scammers on the internet but the online market is not filled with them, far from it. Learning and knowing about online business and how to manage yours will help you avoid falling into the hands of those who wants to rip you of your hard-earned money.


Fierce Wireless (a company that provides breaking news and expert analysis of the trends shaping wireless communications) estimate that by 2015 the global revenue for mobile purchase and services will reach $199 billion.

Another research have it that 84 percent of the world’s internet users now shop online and internet spending is expected to account for 40 percent of all retail sales by 2020. These my friends, are figures you cannot afford to ignore.

 Rid yourself of these misconception that are stopping you from benefiting from doing business online. The internet presents you with a potential customers based of 875 million internet shoppers; for online business, the globe is your customer, so what are you waiting for…….

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