What makes a good affiliate program?

The article concerns the question – What makes a good affiliate program? Affiliate marketing is arguably the best way to make money online, while contextualized advertising is the most preferred choice with making money online; affiliate marketing is where the real bucks are.

What makes a good affiliate program

There are tons of different affiliate programs available and with the proven business model several new startups focused on affiliate marketing are kicking off. Identifying the programs with potential from the scams and poorly executed services can be a tedious process which can prove costly and wasteful if not considered carefully.

Sticking to the good old proven programs like Commission Junction and Clickbank, while safe, may result in potentially losing out on plenty of revenue. Thus, pouncing on new services and identifying the most profitable ones is an integral part in your career as an affiliate marketer.

So what makes a good affiliate program? First of all, if it is brand new, you won’t have much testimonials and reviews to look at, so there are a few factors to look at which could interpret the potential of a service, the most obvious point would be the amount of buzz it generates, this is directly proportional (usually) to their marketing budget which implies that the company is serious about their service, the next step is to look at visual cues, the interface of the website, the verification process, the navigation and layout, level of security on site, etc.

You can then research further on country of origin, the company founders, the customer support and the initial advertisers available to promote. If you are weary of testing brand new programs, your best bet would be to wait a month and peruse forums on initial feedback on the service, if it’s all positive you might want to try it out.

If the service has been around for a while and is fairly established but you’ve never come across it, then deciding if you should give the program a shot is a lot easier. Turning towards community forums requesting for reviews and googling terms such as ‘[affiliate program] revie’ and ‘[affiliate program] scam’ and other similar key terms can provide a great insight on the program which can determine how efficient and profitable the program can be.

If you are in dilemma whether you should try out a program due to mixed feedback, it is best to give the benefit of the doubt to the program and try it out anyway as nevertheless, the programs which you least suspect to pay off are the ones that lead to campaigns that shower you with fat paychecks month after month.

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