What is the value of an Internet Diploma

The article concerns the question – What is the value of an Internet Diploma. An online diploma has been a popular way for people to get ahead at work, almost since the creation of the internet. These days an internet diploma is more important than ever before since more and more people are getting them. Oddly the value of an internet diploma has decreased while at the same time they have become more and more important. An online diploma is no longer a way to stand out at work, now it is the minimum requirement to get the job.

What is the value of an Internet Diploma

The reason that most people have chosen to pursue an internet diploma was that it gave them a chance to get ahead at work. Getting an online degree gave employees a chance to stand out and it made them more competitive for promotion.

Ambitious people knew that in the competitive job market it was critical to have an advantage so they would pursue an advanced degree and online learning made that easy for them. They could study in the spare time while holding on to their job it was the ideal situation. This resulted in a flood of people enrolling in online degree programs and a huge increase in the number of schools offering internet diplomas.

The inevitable result of this is that an online degree was no longer a way to stand out. Today an online degree is pretty much a requirement just to keep up with your coworkers and have any chance of getting promoted. An MBA is no longer a ticket to management, everybody has one thanks to online learning, it is now an entry level qualification. Now that everybody has an online masters degree the ambitious have realized that they can stand out by getting a doctorate and there are plenty of schools that are offering them online. It is just a matter of time before this becomes the minimum requirement to get a job.

Credential inflation is a downside of the online learning trend, a job that a generation ago required a high school diploma now requires a masters degree. You can dislike the system but it is the way it is and it is unlikely to change any time soon. The schools like the system because it makes them more money selling more and more degrees and the employers like the system because it gives them a highly educated workforce.

The question does need to be asked of where we go once online doctorates become commonplace and getting one is no longer a way to stand out, what will the ambitious employee do then. In some respects the value of an internet diploma has decreased in recent years because they are so common that they are no longer a way to stand out. On the other hand their value has increased because there is no way that you would get most jobs without an advanced degree. The bottom line is that you need an internet diploma more than ever before, they just aren’t worth as much as they used to be.

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