What is Social Networks Marketing

The article concerns the question – What is Social Networks Marketing. Social networking websites were designed to find long lost friends and to keep in touch with loved ones. Everything was working out liked it was planned. However, the trend is slowly shifting and as of today, these websites have become the playground for internet marketers. How does a company attract business via social networking websites? Has anyone tried this paradigm successfully? I will be answering these queries in the remaining passages.

What is Social Networks Marketing

Marketing in the social networking websites is all about generating contents to attract the users. Millions of users have enrolled themselves into these networks. The number will only increase in the coming years. With minimal expenditure, companies can rake millions using these websites. There are free and paid kinds of marketing systems in these social networking websites. For instance, considering the immense popularity of the niche, almost all the popular social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have already introduced separate advertising sections (read a review of facebook advertising here). Interested parties can skim through these web pages to understand how the system works.

However, a good share of the corporations relies on the free marketing methods. Allow me to explain that statement with the aid of an example. Most of the social networking websites allow the users to create online communities and groups. A company, interested in tapping the potentials of these websites will create a community and will begin to invite others to join the community as members. Regular updates regarding the products and services will be posted in the community. Almost instantly, the community users will receive the updates. News passes around and the company makes a profit by generating awareness among the users.

It seems that the popular video sharing websites have also taken up the cue. Companies create videos and post it on social media websites such as YouTube. If the announcement is worth considering, then millions will see it, and they will act as the primary advertisers on behalf of the company. You might have read about Dell Computers, who had practically applied social network marketing for the very first time on Twitter. Dell began posting tweets about refurbished computers and accessories. The followers of the company began retweeting the original posts. With the passage of time, the entire community was aware of the happenings. The company began to post information about the new arrivals and discounts via the same platform. Needless to state, but the entire experiment was very successful.

As they teach in the business schools, consumers are always on the lookout for feasible ideas. Present them what they like, and you can start minting money. The social networking websites enabled many startup enterprises to turn into multinational companies. Popular film artists and musicians too now utilize these websites to keep their so-called fans updated with future happenings. During the recently held US elections, we could see politicians using social networking websites to float constructive ideas and to cause a change. Do not fret; social network marketing is here to stay! Keep us posted with your experiences.

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