What is Listbuilding, and Why Does it Matter for Your Business?

The article concerns the following question – What is Listbuilding, and Why Does it Matter for Your Business? Listbuilding is a process in which you gather names and e-mail addresses of those visitors who come to your website so that you can develop a relationship with them and market to them over and over again.  These aren’t just any visitors; these are people who come to your website or blog looking for the information or help that you offer.  They look at you as an authority in your niche, they take your advice, and they want more.  This is the kind of list you want – a responsive list.

What is Listbuilding, and Why Does it Matter for Your Business?


How to start building an e-mail list of targeted subscribers

With listbuilding, your goal is to collect the email addresses of those who have a problem that you can solve for them.  In order to get a visitor to sign up, it’s good to offer something of value – an exchange, if you will.  For their name, you will give them a product that they find valuable, such as a free weight loss report or e-book if you are in the weight loss niche.  Offer something of real value, not junk that will set on the visitor’s hard drive and never be read.

You may be wondering just how you get those targeted visitors to your sign-up page to begin with; some of the best ways to accomplish this are through article marketing, blogging, and social networking.  With articles, it’s a smart move to link directly to your “squeeze” page instead of a random page on your site.  You want to capture the attention of your visitor, make them want to sign up to your list – so make the offer as appealing as you possibly can.

95% of Internet marketers fail because they don’t practice listbuilding

It’s sad but true; only about 3 to 5% of those who attempt marketing a product on the Internet build a successful business.  What’s the difference between those who fail and those who succeed?  Building a list – plain and simple.

When you build a list, you are building a relationship with a group of people with a problem or dilemma that you can help them solve.  Through information offered on your site and the e-mails you send regularly, you are essentially growing and nurturing the trust of your subscribers.  If you have given away a free e-book or report and your subscriber finds it helpful or useful, they are much more likely to make a purchase from you than someone who randomly visits your site.

Those on your list are people you can market to over and over, for months or years to come depending on your niche.  When you find a new product or create one of your own that is in the same niche, you can market that new product to your list.

Once you have cultivated a list of thousands of targeted subscribers, you have income at your disposal nearly any time you like.  Send out an incredible offer, and you’re likely to make a few sales.  Listbuilding is an absolutely essential marketing strategy you need in your arsenal if you are to be successful.

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