What is Content Marketing and How Can it Grow Your Business With Blogging?

The article concerns the question – What is Content Marketing and How Can it Grow Your Business With Blogging? Content marketing involves creating and freely distributing useful pieces of information to attract and convert potential customers or buyers.

What is Content Marketing and How Can it Grow Your Business With Blogging?

Content marketing as a form of internet marketing basically revolves around creating relevant, valuable, engaging and attractive content and distributing it around the internet to capture or attract prospects.

There’re many forms of content marketing that goes on round the internet. These are normally carried out using different types of contents such as videos, articles, podcasts, white papers, newsletters, etc.

The internet has made it easier and cheaper to distribute content/information like never before. This can be turned into lucrative business and that’s what many individuals, marketers and businesses are doing to make big profits.

Blogging as a pillar of content marketing

A blog provides a great foundation for your content marketing efforts. It’s relatively cheaper and has the potential to reach and attract many people the world over. You can also start an online business right from scratch based on your blog.

That’s what I did with this blog. My freelance writing business is based around my blog which I use to attract and acquire clients. Of course there’re many other ways I can monetize the blog like selling ad space, affiliate programs, etc.

The point here is that a blog offers many different profitable opportunities. But all this boils down to the content on my blog. It has to be the right content – what visitors, readers, prospects, customers, clients, etc are looking for and like interacting with.

Research to determine the right content

For content marketing to work for you or your business, you first have to research and determine what content users are looking for. Start with a keyword research to determine how users are searching for information in search engines.

Visit social media sites like twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc to determine how prospects discover and share information. Social media sites will also tell you which types of contents prospects enjoy interacting with.

Base your blog content on such types of information. You don’t have to stick to only writing articles. Integrate videos, graphics, audios, etc whichever you’re best at.

The key here is to provide useful content to users and prospects. Such content should also reflect your values and what you and your business stand for.

Optimize your content

Your content has to be optimized both for search engines and humans. Having useful content on your blog is not enough by its own. Use relevant keywords and phrases in your content to make it discoverable in search engines.

Implement SEO on your blog right from the beginning. It takes some time for new blogs and domains but eventually you’ll start appearing in search engine result pages.

Spread out

The web is large and if you do not get out there people will hardly find you or your valuable content. You have to continually engage in relevant promotion activities.

Use social networking to get your content to as many people as possible. Nowadays social media and social networking also play a major role in SEO. The more people discover and share your content the better it’ll rank in search engines.

Reach out to other blogs using tactics like blog commenting, guest blogging etc linking back to your own blog and content.

Promote your blog and content on social media platforms like forums, twitter, facebook, google plus etc. These are very powerful and have the potential to make your content go viral thus reaching a very large and targeted audience.

The point here is to use social media to drive targeted traffic back to your blog or website where you can convert them into buyers and repeat customers using your powerful informative content.

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