What is affiliate marketing?

The article concerns the following question – What is affiliate marketing? So what exactly is affiliate marketing? You have probably heard this term dozens of times online and you may have some questions about just what it is. For beginners the term can seem confusing but it’s actually quite easy to understand and implement on a website or blog.

What is affiliate marketing


The Basics

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell the products or service of other companies without owning any stock of your own. There’s no shipping involve done on your end and no interaction with customers at any level. What you do in affiliate marketing is provide links, images, videos, and other media on your website or blog that directs to another companies website such as Amazon or another online retailer. If someone buys something through your link to that site you get a commission on the product your site visitor buys.

You are essentially promoting the site of someone else but you get income if other people access that site through your link and make a purchase on the other end. So say you have a site that offers book reviews. You could review a new book and provide a link or image to that book to one of your affiliate sites, say Amazon. A person likes the book and clicks your link which directs them to the Amazon page of that product to buy. Once they purchase the book you get a small commission on the book.

Setting Up

Affiliates provide you with many tools to use such as reports, links, images, and other media you can use to promote the products and service of your affiliate. You are free to set up your site and add as many products as you like but you’ll have more success if you use the affiliate content as a part of your site and not as your site. So you don’t want large banner farms or anything just natural links and images to products you want to promote. So sites that review products, provide comparisons, or advertise new exciting products can do very well as affiliates of the sites that sell these items.


As an affiliate marketer your main job is not putting up links as much as trying to get traffic to your site. The more traffic you can generate the easier it will be to gain interest in your advertisements and have people clicking to your affiliates and actually buying something. The more value your site has to someone the easier your site will spread online. If your website is quite new don’t expect to make anything from affiliate marketing until you gain a presence online. Once you have that traffic it’s easier to see sales and revenue.


The most important thing in being an affiliate marketer is to provide your site visitors with something they can use. If you have articles, videos, forums, images and other exciting content, your users will be more likely to return to your site time and time again.

These returning visitors might also click on your advertisements and make a purchase through your site. Most new affiliate marketers fail because they don’t provide anything of value on their site. Who wants to look at a bunch of images let alone click on them? If you provide an article or other content with the image then the incentive is there for the reader to click. It’s all about the content you provide. If you have great content and that important traffic you may have an affiliate marketing site that’s a real winner.

Joining Affiliates

It’s easy to join most affiliates and there are sites online that have multiple affiliates you can apply for. These sites also provide a central location where you can track your orders and sales. Each affiliate provider will do things differently so you’ll need to check with them. No go out there and join some affiliates and see some income in your pocketbook.

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