What is a Landing Page?

The article concerns the question – What is a Landing Page? A landing page is an entry point to a company’s website that is typically not the home page. Landing pages are often connected to either a particular product or service or a special promotion. These pages usually appear when a site visitor clicks an online advertisement or in some cases, keys in a web address different from the company’s home page URL.

What is a Landing Page


Landing Pages: What’s the Purpose of Making One?

Landing pages are crafted with the purpose of making a potential customer perform a marketer’s desired action. This action is of course to make the visitor click that big red BUY button or in many cases just to leave their name and email address.

Some companies build their websites with many web pages, which confuses visitors. By having a landing page for your business, you are shortening the browsing phase of your traffic, making it easy for them to get your service or product. By the same token, you as the marketer can also easily generate sales. Landing pages are designed in a compelling manner to get more consumers to convert.

Landing pages are relevant for search engines as they boost a site’s organic rankings by indexing.

Landing Pages: The Essentials

There is no exact formula in making the perfect landing page. However, you can make a winning page by incorporating the following rules of thumb.


  • Make the advertisement and headline wording of your landing page complement each other.
  • Get your visitor’s attention by having a compelling headline. Create curiosity and interest with concise and clear headlines.
  • Increase the trust of your customers by incorporating press mentions, testimonials, guarantees and security certification.
  • Make the whole landing page visible without needing to scroll. Keep landing pages above the fold.
  • If you plan to use images and videos, make sure that they are relevant to your brand.
  • Make your visitor do what you want him to do with a strong call to action.


Colors are shown to have a psychological effect on people. Entice and persuade your viewers with the appropriate colors.

  • Yellow – use to grab attention
  • Orange – great color to use for the call-to-action section as this color implies aggressiveness and authority
  • Red  – creates urgency and denotes immediate attention
  • Pink – great for women products
  • Blue – implies security and trust
  • Green – color of entertainment and finance
  • Black – a sophisticated and luxurious color

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