What is a Blog Post?

The article concerns the following question – What is a Blog Post? One of the common misconceptions that new bloggers face is understanding the difference between a blog and a blog post. Yes, they’re related, but they are actually two different things.

What is a Blog Post?


The Difference Between a Blog and a Blog Post

A blog is a website that is frequently updated and usually focused on a specific topic. Blogs can cover any topic you can imagine – anything from sewing to finance to medieval history. However, on every blog, you will find articles that break down that topic into more specific components.

A blog post is the individual article that you will read on a blog. Each blog post will take one element of the topic and explore it in greater detail. Eventually, many good blog posts will help you to develop a good blog worth reading.

For example, your blog may be about dog training. You might have one article with tips for beginning dog trainers or another one that reviews dog training books. You might interview other dog trainers and write a short summary of each interview or you might provide a case study about how you trained a dog to do tricks. Each of these individual articles would be your blog posts, and together they could create a great blog for a reader interested in dog training.

Elements of a Good Blog Post

A good blog post will include several important elements:

  • A unique title: The title of your blog post is like the headline of a newspaper article. It needs to capture the reader’s attention quickly and get them interested in reading your post. Writing a good blog title is almost an art form. The best resource for learning about writing good blog titles is Copyblogger. Grab a cup of coffee and read through their Copywriting 101 articles – I guarantee you’ll learn a lot!
  • Proper formatting: One of the signs that someone is a new to blogging is when their blog posts are written like long essays. You’ve seen this – you click on a link and all that you see are long paragraphs, one after another, with no end in sight. Writing for the web is different from writing essays and reports. Because readers scan online, you need to include headings, subheadings, and bullets to break up the text. It doesn’t mean that you have to write less or not present your ideas fully, but that you do need to make sure that you’re properly formatting your post for easy reading online (including on small phone screens!).
  • Images: Similar to the need for proper formatting is the use of images in your posts. Images serve three important purposes. First, they help to break up the text, which makes your blog post easier to read. Second, they can support the point you’re trying to make (as we all know, an image is worth a thousand words). Third, you can optimize your images by including an alt tag (a short description of what the image is), which will make it easier for it to show up in search results.
  • Links: Your post should include links, especially to other articles on your site. By including links to your other posts, you’ll make it easier for readers to find more information that they might be interested in. For example, if I think that as a reader interested in blog posts you might also be interested in learning how to start a blog, I can include that as a link. Or, if there’s good information on another site that you might be interested in, I can include it as a link as I did with Copywriting 101 above.
  • Comments: One of the reasons why blogs are so popular is that readers can engage with the blogger through comments. Your post should include a question at the end that invites the reader to share their thoughts about what you wrote. Of course, if they take the time to leave a comment, be sure to respond and thank them for doing so.
  • Good content: You can have a unique title, proper formatting, an image and links, but users will judge your post based on the quality of your content. Did you provide relevant information for the reader? Did the reader learn something? If your readers left without learning something or getting information that helps them in some way, they are going to be less likely to come back. You need to make it worth their while by providing good content.

By covering these elements in your blog posts, you will be providing good content in an easy-to-read format for your readers. That will help you to get people to read your blog on a regular basis.

Did this answer your question about what a blog post is? If not, leave your remaining questions in the comments.

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