What are the Disadvantages of an Online MBA Degree?

The article concerns the following question – What are the Disadvantages of an Online MBA Degree? Every student knows just how very important it is to be able to pursue an MBA degree due to the numerous advantages that are associated with it. An MBA graduate knows that they have a greater chance of being offered a better job simply because of the amount of training, education as well as experience they have attained through the duration of their course. One of the most popular options for all students is pursuing an online MBA degree.

What are the Disadvantages of an Online MBA Degree

In other words, with the help of the internet, students and professionals can now obtain their MBA degree online. While there are certain advantages that are associated with an online degree, students should also be made aware of various disadvantages associated with such an online pursuance of a degree. Some disadvantages are:

There is a lack of face to face interaction

When joining any school for the first time, one of the greatest joys is in being able to meet new people from different walks of life. You will be able to interact with and meet new faculty as well as other students, thereby broadening your interaction level.

The amount of interaction that is possible with other students is all part of the degree along with discussions, learning, networking and group projects. While with an online degree it is possible to converse with other individuals, such interaction would only be limited and would lack the most basic, face-to-face interaction.

One requires having immense amount of discipline

Any student planning on taking advantage of an online degree needs to have immense amounts of self-discipline. Considering the fact that many students find it quite difficult to simply concentrate on regular studies, it takes all the effort in the world to ensure that they are not distracted by any other distractions such as work or family life.

Since there would be numerous distractions in and around the house such as the telephone ringing, children playing, television shows and others, a lot of concentration goes into ensuring that not only can one complete his or her online course, but that they can do so with great discipline.

There are no additional benefits that are passed onto online students

By far the greatest advantage associated with undertaking an MBA program directly from a university is that students would be able to benefit from various additional services that are provided as part of the curriculum. Such additional services would include a campus placement cell that would be useful in helping students secure jobs and other university counselling services.

Hence, before you do decide to go ahead and choose any online business school, make sure you know just what would be provided. Remember that when it comes to securing a job, many companies do not prefer such online degrees. They would normally always prefer brick and mortar schools.

Before you go ahead and make your final decision on whether to choose an online MBA program or not, remember that this decision should be based on your future aspirations.

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