Website Redesign – Things to Remember

In this article I’ll tell you about Website Redesign – Things to Remember. As a business owner if your company website or ecommerce portal no longer excites you, chances are it no longer excites your customers as well. It also means that you need to redesign your website. Website redesign does not simply mean doing away with old content or design and replacing them with new things. It refers to building a website with a new vision that will give a new face to your brand.

Website Redesign – Things to Remember

To redesign a website, you need to consider some critical points that will ensure that you take the right path:

Analyze the Current Performance Completely

Before you begin the redesigning process, thoroughly analyze the existing website performance. With the help of a good web analytical tool, you will be able to clearly see the loopholes and grey areas that need to be fixed.

Ensure you do not lose Search Engine Rankings

Web designers and site owners often face this situation. After months of intensive efforts on designing, all their efforts are rewarded with huge loss of search engine traffic. Thus, the first thing that you must take care of while redesigning a website is SEO. It is recommended that you seek advice from your SEO expert first before you start the process. Be careful of not changing old URLs while redesigning. Even if you have to change the URLs, ensure that you use 301 redirects so that Google understands that the page has moved permanently.

Keep a Track of Meta Tag Changes

As a part of your website redesign process, keep a tab of the pages for which you need to change the page titles and meta descriptions. Before you make these changes you must have a proper estimate of the change in search engine referrals for that page.

Check which pages are being deleted

While removing any content or pages, double-check the pages that are being deleted. You must be sure that the new pages target all the keywords that the old pages were targeting. Make a clear comparison of the old pages and URLs as against the new pages.

Do not change the look completely

While redesigning a website, ensure that you keep the old flavour intact, especially if the website has a sizeable number of regular readers. Your loyal readers are used to seeing a specific layout and if that layout is changed radically, they may think that they have ended up on the wrong site. Hence, keep your returning traffic in mind while considering website redesign.

Keep a tab of the changing site structure.

Check the Hierarchy

As far as possible do not change the hierarchy of the pages. If you are moving a page from the main navigation to the sub navigation, ensure that visitors clearly understand the new location and do not face any trouble while looking for it.

Test the New Design

Testing the new design with your target audience is also highly recommended. In fact even during the process of website redesign keep testing the newly added features to ensure that you are on the right track. Launch a ‘beta’ version first before the final launch.

A website redesign process must be targeted to acquire new customers without disorienting the existing users.

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