Website Design Tips

The article is devoted to Website Design Tips. If you are a budding web designer, it is critical to always remember a few thumb rules while designing a website. Your aim should always be to design quality and user friendly websites that will engage readers and give them the necessary information.

Website Design Tips

Following a few simple website design tips can help you to avoid any mistakes and enhance user experience. Some of the most important website design tips are as follows:

Minimal Loading Time

As a web designer you may be tempted to incorporate heavy designs or images that may make the website look beautiful. However, all your efforts will be of no use if the website takes ages to load and open. A slow loading website is the most frustrating thing for a user. Thus, your designs must be optimized for the web, whereby the website should take less than 7 seconds to load and open.

Easy and Intuitive Navigation

As a designer, this is a basic website design tip that you must always keep in mind. The navigation is the starting point for the users to go further or deeper into your website. Having the navigation on top or on the left is a good option. Also, you must ensure that the navigation is accessible from any page of the website.

Suitable for all Resolutions

One of the most important website design tips is to create a website for all types of screen sizes or resolutions.

Avoid Pop-up Windows

Pop-up windows have been traditionally used for marketing or grabbing user attention. However, it has been found that pop-up windows are extremely annoying or frustrating for the users. A website design tip for all designers who are thinking of using pop-ups is to put themselves in the users’ shoes and then think whether to incorporate it or not.

Don’t use Image Backgrounds

Websites with image backgrounds look amateurish and lack professionalism. Apart from the visual aspect, background images lead to slow loading websites, which eventually cause bad user experience.

Optimize Page Size

Another important website design tip is to fix an optimal page size while designing. Do not have too wide or too narrow page sizes. Most users today have a screen size of 1024 x 768 pixels. Thus, the ideal page size should be around 1200 pixels.

Use Simple and Contrasting Backgrounds for Text

Although this website design tip sounds obvious, there are many websites that still make the mistake of using same colour for the text as well as the background, which makes it almost impossible for the user to read. If you really want the user to understand the content, keep the background simple and free of any images and textures.

Highlight Links

If you intend to use any links in the content, ensure that the links are highlighted in a different colour (preferably blue) and are underlined. Users must be able to immediately understand that it is a link and is clickable. This is a standard norm and must be followed each time.

These are simple yet extremely effective website design tips that will help all web designers immensely. Although these tips are widely known, designer often fail to adhere to them, making their websites beautiful but not user friendly.

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