Using A Blogging Site, Will It Work For You?

The article concerns the following question – Using A Blogging Site, Will It Work For You? If you are new to blogging then the idea of joining an established blogging site like blogger can be a particularly appealing option and in fact there are a number of advantages to doing so. Most of the time, these sites that specialise in hosting a number of different blogs will have tutorials about how to create and update your blog as well as a very simple to use system for setting up and maintaining your blog while you continue to keep it on their site.

Using A Blogging Site, Will It Work For You?

Additionally these types of sites can provide you with a community of bloggers who are more than likely going to be willing to provide helpful advice about how to set up and run your blog on your platform of choice. In most cases you will find that there is a directory available of all the blogs hosted on the site in question and this can be really helpful in generating traffic to your blog as members of the same community might be inclined to check out the new blogs that appear within the site.

Of course there are also some disadvantages to using a blogging site that hosts a large number of other blogs which may impact on your decision whether or not to use them. Firstly, it can be hard to stand out on a site like blogger because you are going to have to use a template that many other people are probably also using as the site is not able to provide an unlimited amount of choice to it’s users.

When you are trying to stand out from a crowd in order to attract visitors this can be a bit of a handicap to new bloggers as visitors may not spend the same amount of time looking at your site if it looks like an ‘off the shelf’ blog, especially if they can get the same information from somewhere else that has a distinct look and feel about it. You may have some ability to change the look and feel so that it doesn’t look exactly the same as someone else’s but you are unlikely to have as much freedom as if you were to set up and host the site yourself.

Of course blogging isn’t just about how your site looks, it is very much about the content so there is still a good chance that you can stand out if you are a quality writer, so don’t turn your back on these large blogging sites just because your site may look the same as others.

Other things to consider when choosing a blogging provider like Blogger is that you don’t necessarily have control over your content and what you can say, afterall a blogging service provider is unlikely to want to host your content if they think it is controversial and if they decide to close your blog down it could mean losing all of your content and not being able to recover it to start afresh somewhere else.

So take some time to think about whether or not a large blogging platform is right for you, consider how much knowledge you have about blogging systems, whether or not you want a truly distinctive design and if your content is likely to cause any offence. Once you have thought about these points you will know whether or not a large blogging site is right for you, and then you can get started with the creative process and get your blog up and running.

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