Updating Content for Getting Traffic to Your Website

This article is about Updating Content for Getting Traffic to Your Website. Keeping your ranking on the search engines and getting traffic to your website depend largely on regularly updating your content. Search engines love a dynamic website, and in the words of Google, “Content is king.” How to keep fresh content on your site depends largely on what your site is meant for.

Updating Content for Getting Traffic to Your Website


How to Keep Affiliate Websites on the Cutting Edge

Affiliate websites are some of the most difficult websites to update. They usually amount to only having a page or two, and the content is pretty well set from the word “go.” What you’re left with is tweaking different elements to stir things up.

Chances are that you worked hard to create the perfect pitch, and you don’t want to mess with that. So, let’s look at the other elements on your page. Do you have a video on your page? If not, put one up. If so, put up a different one or at least change the tag. The anchor text leading to your opt-in page can usually be changed pretty readily. You can put up new testimonials or change old ones out (quite a substantial change in the copy!), have an editable countdown for empty seats, and so on. The point is to change enough stuff on the page that the search engines notice. Then, ping it!

News Sites are Easy to Keep Up-to-Date

Among the easiest (and most essential) websites to regularly update content on are news sites. If you’re doing news on a particular niche, the easiest thing to do is get a news ticker script at a site like www.hscripts.com. This program makes it easier to write and post news-worthy events on your website without all the hassle of the add/edit/delete process. In fact, this kind of script could be useful for a variety of sites, not just news related sites.

Blog Sites are Easy to Update and Extremely Useful

Particularly if you’re an affiliate marketer, external blog sites are essential for your cause. They start right off with a high level of authority and trust for the search engines. You can even monetize them if you want to play the Adsense game. Some people, strangely, think that this is an unethical practice or that they would even rather join a revenue sharing site like suite101.

The real money, though, is how your affiliate sites can gain page ranking by being linked to it. Most affiliate sites are temporary and don’t have time to get seasoned by Google’s PageRank. The promotion will often end at some point. You may decide that there are greener pastures out there and neglect an affiliate site. That’s all just peachy keen since they have the weight of your blog supporting them.

Your blog, on the other hand, is eternal. The longer you keep it going, the more authority it gets, and the greater a workhorse it is for your affiliate promotions. If you don’t have one, GET ONE!

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