Twitter and Facebook…Why Use Them for Listbuilding?

The article concerns an interesting question – Twitter and Facebook… Why Use Them for Listbuilding? The great thing about online communities is that first of all, they’re free listbuilding tools. Sometimes they will have a paid version that allows for certain features, but for most of your intents and purposes, the free version works just fine. What are the intents and purposes of using online community sites? It’s free listbuilding, as well as a way to drive traffic to your site.

Twitter and Facebook…Why Use Them for Listbuilding?

Having one or several of these accounts is appealing, especially because it adds a “human element” to your business. Many potential clients like to interact with the people they do business with, and this can lead to having repeat customers, which is particularly vital to many businesses that advertise in online communities. Many of these sites have a verification code during the signing up process, which can subconsciously tell site members that you’re more than some corporate robot.

Using Social Media as a Traffic Generator

Of course, it can’t be forgotten that accounts on these communities are also ripe for advertising potential. If you know how, or if you can imagine how, you can turn a Facebook account into a virtual traffic generator for your website. With a certain arrangement of keyword placement and promotion of your website, as well as backlinks wherever you can put them, you’re certain to increase the traffic to your site. Though more traffic doesn’t always mean more money, you have to have at least some traffic to make money and build your list.

Managing Your Social Media Accounts

Of course, though it would be ideal to collect as many of these social media accounts as you can, there is a certain capacity that you should consider. Either you would have to keep up with these accounts, or you would have to outsource the maintenance on these accounts. Search engines reset the ratings criteria regularly, which could bump an untended LiveJournal account to the bottom of the list.

You have to change the content around some; you have to post new blogs; and it’s also in your interest to keep up with those who choose to interact with you on your blog. It’s ultimately better to have five accounts that you can manage than 15 that just go neglected. The latter would be good for an instant rush to the front page of Google, but it could quickly decline after so long of neglect.

Staying on Top of the Top Social Media Sites

So, which social media sites are the best? This is something that constantly changes. As said before, it’s best to pick out the five best. The best way to figure this out during any given month is to check out and do a Google search on “online community” or “blogging community.”

In summary, online blogging communities like Twitter and MySpace are useful for an Internet marketing campaign in several ways. You can advertise your business and provide backlinks to your site. You can also interact with your more-chatty clientele on these sites, and, for that matter, you can network with potential affiliates. So really, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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