Top Tips for Becoming an Effective Web Designer

In the article it is spoken about Top Tips for Becoming an Effective Web Designer. Web designing is one of the most challenging domains today. As websites become increasingly complex, web designers need to be at the top of their work – bring in all their creativity into play as well as use the latest web development tools and techniques. For those of you who are just starting their career as a web designer, here are some key tips for becoming an effective web designer.

Top Tips for Becoming an Effective Web Designer


Become an Expert Web Designer

If you are looking to enhance your skills as a web designer the following tips will certainly help you:

Design Clean Websites

The first key tip for becoming an effective web designer is to learn to keep your website as clean and user friendly as possible. If you have too many things to display, learn to prioritize. Remember, than you cannot highlight all the elements and if you try to do so, you will only end up cluttering your website. Focus on usability than look and feel. You wouldn’t want websites that look beautiful but difficult to browse.

Validate every page

Another important tip for becoming an effective web designer is to validate every page while developing the website. Usually while using a WYSIWYG editor, it is possible that the code is not clean. As a web designer you must get your code validated for every page of your website using a standard service like W3C.

Verify with Fellow Web Designers

If you are a freelancer and work individually, it is possible that any mistake that you do in website design or web development is overlooked. Thus, it is recommended that you consult with fellow or senior web designers and developers, who can review any web design or web development work done by you.

Avoid Using Pop-ups

While many web designer and marketers use pop-ups as a promotional tool, in reality, pop-ups are very frustrating for the users. People usually end up closing them and eventually leaving the website.

Fix all Broken Links

As a web designer, one of the foremost things that you must do is to fix all broken links on your website. Broken links adversely hamper user experience. Once you are ready with your website, dedicate specific time specifically to do all the fixes and repair all the broken links.

These are the top five tips to becoming an effective web designer. These tips will certainly help you design rich and professional websites for any business or domain.

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