Top 5 Ways to Generate In-House Content

In the article I share what I learned about Top 5 Ways to Generate In-House Content. Content is king! Yes, I know you have heard this million times on million blogs and articles. However, despite this, it is surprising how negligent website owners, developers and designers can get with respect to content. Creating original content can be tough and requires great and concentrated efforts. While original content is unavoidable, your quest for content can be satiated to a great extent by readily available in-house content.

Top 5 Ways to Generate In-House Content


Capitalizing on In-House Content

You will be surprised with the amount of in-house content generated every day. The following top five ways can certainly help you capitalize on it the most:

Internal Site Search

The little search box on your website can actually reveal some priceless information. You can get a list of search terms that your users actually used while searching for stuff on your website. Don’t ignore what your users are telling you. Make sure that you incorporate these in your list of target keywords for SEO.

Doing this effectively can help you reduce your bounce rate to a great extent. Also, it will help you identify the grey areas on your website. For e.g. You have an eye wear website dealing in fashionable eye wear, and your users are actively looking for Calvin Klein which your website does not stock. Now, you exactly know which brand to stock up next and even the most preferred style.

Social Media

Yes, it had to figure, isn’t it? Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter can be a treasure trove for content creation, if you decide to focus on them. Each day, people who are your real customers discuss about your brand, product or service through their comments and tweets. You can pick up vital pieces of content and build on it. This is especially important to gauge the language, the topics and the triggers that stimulate your customers. Social media content can be a great starting point for generating in-house content for your website.


Customer testimonials are extremely important as they are a token of appreciation for your work. So, if you have received positive reviews, make sure you project them on your website. Your website design must be such that there is a dedicated page or space for customer testimonials that builds your credibility and enhances company reputation.

Content based on FAQs

Most websites have a separate FAQ section that addresses the common customer issues and questions. However, you can use the same content for a better purpose like videos. While a long list of FAQs can be difficult to read and grasp, converting the same into a video can ensure better engagement. This is especially applicable for small business website design.

Keeping up with Current Trends

Creating content based on industry trends is extremely important to keep your website fresh and updated. Your customers adapt to the changing trends and your web design and web content must also keep up with it. Tools like Google Trends, technorati, Twitter Trends and icerocket can be very helpful for this.

These top 5 ways underline the areas that you can look out for gathering in-house content. It is only when you mix this with original content that your web content would truly be powerful and effective.

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