Top 5 reasons why an entrepreneur should have a blog

The article is about Top 5 reasons why an entrepreneur should have a blog. The reason that an entrepreneur should have a blog is to attract targeted visitors and convert those visitors into leads and ultimately into customers and distributors for your network.

Top 5 reasons why an entrepreneur should have a blog

This is an obvious reason, but there are others besides that. Another reason is to create more relationships and build an even larger warm market.

But you should also consider this reason:

From the point of view of your readers, the purpose of your blog (for the reader) is to be educated / informed about your topic because they have interest. If you connect with your visitors through unique content, high quality and fresh content that is then going to be much more likely that your readers take some action.

You should avoid listing of a blatant way, because this way you will achieve repel rather than attract them.

There are 5 main reasons why an entrepreneur, have been found or want to be a professional in network marketing, you must have a blog and integrate it into your marketing strategy online and offline:

Reason 1

The Blogs are simple to install and configure and easy to maintain. There is no simpler way to this day so that you can “put your message out there” and build your online presence. Once you begin to generate quality content, you will be starting to walk the path of branding yourself and you will start to be perceived as an entrepreneur and as a credible solutions provider to consider.

Reason 2

you can get free traffic from Google and other search engines. This will not happen overnight. But people will be able to find you by searching for your name. And rest assured we will seek your name. And not only that, but if you also have your profiles on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will also be able to follow your blog.

Having a blog is the easiest and fastest way to generate leads and traffic without having to spend money on it. I recommend “Learn WordPress” to do this quickly and easily (click on the banner below to have more information).

Reason 3

You can use your blog as a powerful center that can be used in synergy with your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The way we are structured WordPress blogs, and especially if you use a premium theme, will make Google spiders crawl and index your content faster. In other words, Google loves WordPress blogs.

Reason 4

A blog will offer you more credibility and help you build confidence. Blogs are considered more attractive than a long sales letter full of advertising. And this ultimately means your visitors will be less likely to be with his “active duty” waiting for you “ a balances on them. This will only be possible if you position as a solution provider and not as an entrepreneur with a blog dedicated solely and exclusively to sell.

Reason 5

A blog is interactive. This means you can create relationships through the comments. A Blog is a dynamic platform to publish your content, so you can keep constantly fresh and attractive.And you should do it! All this adds a social dynamic to your marketing, allowing you to create your own community.

The purpose is to give your readers a clear idea of the value you have to offer, while not asking for anything in return. The articles on your blog must be so good that your readers always want to come back to read the next. And this is where you insert your link inviting them to leave you their name and email to get more information. At this point is when you start to build your list.

Last but not least, let your personality shine through and be reflected in each of your items. The most popular items on my blog and other hundreds or thousands of blogs are those which reflect the personality of the author.

Are you an entrepreneur and have not started building your blog? What reasons do you have for not having done it yet? Want to add some more to this article reason you consider important?

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