Tips and Tricks for Choosing Domain Names

The article is about Tips and Tricks for Choosing Domain Names. It is not easy to create a domain name. Some good domain names are taken and most of domain names with dot com extension is the most favourable. If the domain name is taken, I recommend you to use these pro blogging tips and tricks for choosing domain names:

Tips and Tricks for Choosing Domain Names

Use plural or singular keywords. Please check if your keywords in plural or singular are profitable.
Use another extension: dot net, dot info, dot biz and so on.
Use numbers instead of words, two becomes 2, and four becomes 4.
Use short form instead of full word. Biz instead of business
Use hyphen but not too many. One hyphen is enough.
Add prefix before domain name or suffix after the domain name. The examples of popular prefix: the, my, all, best, super, top, e, pro, basic. The examples of popular suffix: central, center, guide, a to z, 101, place, point, hub. The suffix can be a company extension such as Inc.

Ideally, we choose a domain name with dot com, without numbers and without hyphen but we also have to follow the main rules for choosing domain names:

Shorter domain name is the better. For an example: is better than which the latter is too long.
Easy To Spell: if the domain name has triple letters, the name will confuse people and hyphen may do well. For is better than

Easy To Remember: Use simple and less words, 2 or 3 words are better than 4 to 5 words.
Ask for a second opinion from your mentor or your blogger friends and you may find more pro blogging tips and tricks for choosing your domain names. You can register your domain name at Name Cheap Domain and add Whois Privacy if you want to.

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