The Value of Online Degrees

The article touches upon the issue of The Value of Online Degrees. Online degrees have become very popular in recent years and for good reason. There are lots of advantages to getting an online degree. There are still some people who question the value of distance learning, usually this is based on ignorance or prejudice but there are some legitimate concerns. The biggest is the danger that the quality of online degrees will decrease in the future. While this is a concern that should be taken seriously, for right now there is great value in getting an online degree.

The Value of Online Degrees

There used to be a time when distance learning degrees where looked down on as being of inferior quality but this is really no longer the case. While it is still true that you will run into a few people who still think like that they are very much in the minority. The massive increase in popularity of online degrees has resulted in a corresponding increase in the quality of the education that is being offered.

Nowadays there really is no difference between a degree earned online and one earned on campus. In fact many on campus students have started to take some of their courses online in order to allow them to complete their degree program sooner. We may even reach the point where online learning replaces traditional schools.

The primary value of an online degree used to be that it was a great way to get ahead at work, unfortunately this has started to change. These days so many people have started to pursue online degrees that rather than using them to get ahead they are now a requirement just to keep up. The days when you could graduate from college and get a job and be done with school are over.

Constant upgrading of your academic skills is now a requirement. Jobs that used to require a bachelors degree now demand a masters degree just to be considered. This credential inflation is only going to get worse in the future, online learning has provided education opportunities to more and more and more people and that means the people you are competing with for jobs are better educated than ever before.

One downside of online degrees that may hurt their value in the future is the fact that they are so popular. There has been a huge rush to create new schools to cater to the demand for online degrees that there are questions about the quality of them. This is especially true with the growing trend towards for profit schools.

The more students they have the more money they make, this has created fears that admission and academic standards will fall too low in order to ensure that more students can attend. After all they don’t make any money for students who are turned down for admission and having students flunk out also hurts the bottom line.

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