The impact of technology on Schools

This article is about The impact of technology on Schools. The modern world is constantly being changed by new technology and this is true of education as much as any where else. Technology has already started to change the way learn and there are likely even bigger changes on the horizon. The internet has made sharing information a much simpler prospect than it used to be and schools are taking advantage of this by offering more and more courses online. It is very likely that in the not to distant future there will no longer be schools and that all learning will be done on the internet.

The impact of technology on Schools

Far and away the biggest impact of technology on schools has been in the field of distance learning, better communication technology has massively improved the quality of distance learning. Not long ago distance learning was paper based, everything was learned out of a book and the student was pretty much on their own, that is no longer the case.

Courses are now taught over the internet and allow students a chance to interact with their teachers. Web casting has made an online course not very different from one offered on campus, students will watch a lecture given by the teacher, they can even ask questions. This improved technology has not only improved the learning experience but has also made distance learning much more popular.

One impact of the growing popularity of online learning is that it may significantly reduce the number of students attending traditional schools. As the technology improves and more and more courses are offered online it is very possible that it will become the standard way of learning.

Right now the biggest thing holding back online learning is that many degree programs require practical hands on training, especially in the sciences. Currently there is no good way to do this online, but as the technology gets better that will likely change. Once that happens it is conceivable that we will no longer have schools and that all learning will be done over the internet.

There are a number of good reasons that you would want to replace traditional schools with online learning, the biggest being cost, it is much cheaper to run an online course. However there are some concerns that need to be addressed if we are going to move all of our education online. In addition to being a place to learn universities are a major source of important research, we need to address how we are going to deal with that if there are no universities.

The other major factor that needs to be addressed, especially if we are going to replace primary school with online learning is the social aspect. How will children learn to interact with each other if they aren’t spending time together at school. According to The Internet Education Website, this is already becoming an issue as children spend too much time online and not enough socializing, it will only get worse if they go to school online as well.

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