The Future of Online Education

The Future of Online Education: Our View. The future of online education is likely to be fairly bright, as more and more people find that they need to upgrade their skills online learning will become more and more popular. The increase in the number of students pursuing an online education has sort of made it’s continued growth a self fulfilling prophecy. Since more people are now upgrading their education online it is becoming necessary to do so if you want to get promoted since most of your competition will have an online degree.

The Future of Online Education

This has tended to cause credential inflation in which entry to many jobs now requires more education than is actually required to do the job. Jobs that should only require a bachelors degree now require a masters degree and jobs that should only require a high school diploma now require a bachelors degree. Since this is unlikely to change the only real option is to pursue an online degree to make yourself competitive.

One of the positives of the popularity of online degrees is that they are now more widely accepted than they used to be. In the past online degrees used to be looked down on as second class, this is no longer the case in most fields. Generally online degrees are considered to be just as good as traditional degrees, although there are some exceptions to this. This increased acceptance will certainly help to make online learning more and more popular in the future.

There are however a few issues that may hurt the future of online learning that need to be dealt with. The biggest problems is the huge variation in quality between degrees, especially when it comes to standards. A lot of for profit universities have entered into the online degree marketplace and to them students are more like customers than students.

It is to their advantage to accept as many students as they can and to ensure that they graduate, this inevitably leads to a lowering of the quality. For profit schools are not the only ones guilty of this, even some very well known public universities are doing the same thing. For most schools online learning is a way to make money and the more students they have the more money they can make.

In large part the students themselves are to blame for this since most of them aren’t really interested in being students they are simply pursuing a degree because they need it for their careers. This leads them to seek out the easiest and fastest option for getting a degree and there are plenty of schools who are willing to offer them that opportunity. These problems can certainly be overcome and there is no doubt that online degrees have a bright future, since there are so many advantages to pursuing them.

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