The Evolving Scenario Of E-Education

The article touches upon the issue of The Evolving Scenario Of E-Education. E-Education or e-learning as it is also known is any study, research, course, etc, that has been received through an electronic medium. It is now the cornerstone of modern education. The latter half of the last decade has seen a surprising difference in the growth and spread of wireless technology and its use as means of imparting education. The entire traditional concept of education has been revolutionized by this approach and it has made studying a million times easier than what it used to be even in the recent past.

The Evolving Scenario Of E-Education

E-education is still a comparatively young instructional concept and is yet to be used in a lot of places round the world. A lot of hue and cry was reported when the concept of this system was first brought to the public. Many a critics had stated that it would not be possible to continue such an elaborate idea throughout the world and will ultimately have to be shunted off. Well the good thing until now is that these critics have been proved wrong. E-education or studying on the internet as the common masses regard it has been constantly having the positive growth and it bound to develop further.

Online education is more popular today as it saves more time, is flexible, is cheaper, has immense sources of required data and knowledge and numerous other reasons that make it unique. The goal of e-learning is to bridge the divide between political, geographical, financial borders in the terms of providing equal opportunities to all people round the world. Clearly with the support and advent of internet, information technology, the e-education platforms have been able to make great progress.

They have been phenomenal in increasing effectiveness, job performance, support business objectives, instant learning etc. The twenty first century is an age of digital learning. These sources of e-learning help us become computer literate or digitally competent. E-education is classified into three major types or approaches namely CBT or computer based training, IBT or internet based training, and WBT or web based training. The combined advantage of these three approaches is that where one doesn’t work, the other is used.

But there remain certain problems too. Because the entire process is virtual and there is a certain lack of subject validations, who teaches what is a problem often encountered. Moreover there are thousands of materials on the internet to search and use from. There always remains an authenticity issue with some of these resources. Since there is limited availability of computers or dedicated networks, routers, electricity connections in a lot of places, e-education is still to spread its wings completely.

The Virtual learning environment or VLE provided to us through e-education have gained huge popularity in the market which is predicted to grow further. Most people tend to use the internet more than they read books and it has grown into a multibillion dollar initiative. It’s content, consulting, services and support technologies have grown to become unique key elements of modern education.

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