The Effectiveness of Articles for List Building

The following article tells you about The Effectiveness of Articles for List Building. Those who have been around long trying to build a successful online business know that list building is essential to achieve huge success.  When you have a list, you have the opportunity to market your products/services to a targeted group of people over and over again through e-mail messages.  This list can be profitable for you for years to come!

The Effectiveness of Articles for List Building

In this post, we’ll talk about the effectiveness of writing articles for list building purposes.

Why Writing Articles is Important in Your Marketing Strategy

Writing articles is important not only for building your list, but there are many reasons that you may want to create great content.  By writing articles, you not only have the opportunity to link to your “squeeze” or “opt-in” page, but you also build your reputation as an expert.  Linking to your site from your author resource box also helps increase page rank if you use text links containing your chosen keywords.

Another great aspect of article marketing is that other webmasters may pick up your article from the directory and use it on their own sites, which increases traffic to your site from theirs as well!

List building through Articles

Whether you place articles on your own website or on the prominent article directories, you should always entice your reader to click through when they arrive at your resource box.  Writing a resource box that says, “Tom Smith invites you to visit his website” isn’t very exciting and will likely get very few clicks.  What you want to do is write it in a way that compels the reader to click something enticing like “Get my jam-packed FREE report on how to lose weight without starving yourself!”

It’s really important that you write articles that contain value and are written in a way that capture the attention of your reader.  Write an attention-grabbing title; then include content that will hold their interest so that they end up where you want them – at your resource box.

Make Your Offer Irresistible and Get the Clicks

In your list building efforts, it is essential that you offer something irresistible in your resource box!  By linking straight through to your opt-in page, you will build your list much more quickly than if you sent the reader to your website instead.  Even if you have an opt-in box on your pages (and you should), people are not as likely to sign up to your list nearly as much as they will when sent straight to your squeeze page.

The trick to building your list is to write great content in your articles, blog posts, and on your site that offers value and helps your visitor in some way.  Make the product/service you are offering in exchange for their name and e-mail address an offer they just can’t refuse!

Can you see the benefit of writing good articles in your list building efforts?  This is one strategy you definitely want to use to build a huge list of targeted subscribers quickly!  Once you have a large list, you will see profits explode.

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