The Disadvantages of Distance Learning

In the following article we will be discussing The Disadvantages of Distance Learning. There are a lot of good reasons to consider a distance learning degree. The flexible schedule makes it possible for people who otherwise couldn’t attend school to get a degree. There are however some things that you will need to give up if you choose to pursue an online degree.

The Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Most people find that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages but it is important to keep in mind that there are negatives to distance learning. Whether you can live with these disadvantages is up to you, some people don’t consider them to be disadvantages at all. Everybody is different and you will need to assess what is important to you before enrolling in a distance learning program.

The biggest disadvantage of distance learning is the need to keep yourself motivated and disciplined. While some people don’t find this to be a disadvantage for most people do. Unlike a traditional college, distance learning requires that students set their own schedule and find the time to do the work themselves. Many people find that without a schedule to keep them on track they lack the discipline get their work done.

Distance learning also offers limited opportunities to interact with your professor and this can be a disadvantage for a lot of people. Again this isn’t the case for everybody, some people like to learn this way, but for most people it is a problem. Limited contact with you professor puts more of the onus for learning on the student since they won’t be able to easily get help when they get stuck. Technology is making this less of an issue but distance learning still requires the student to be a strong independent learner.

Another issue that relates to not having regular contact with your professor occurs if you want to go to grad school. Almost all graduate schools require letters of reference from your professors, obviously a problem if you have never met your professor. Nobody is going to write a letter of reference for somebody they haven’t met.

This is less of an issue if you plan to take a distance learning graduate degree, since these programs are used to getting applications from students with distance learning undergraduate degrees. If you are planning to attend a traditional graduate program this could be a serious problem and you may have to consider whether or not a distance learning degree is a good idea.

A lot of people consider that the best part of college is the social aspect; many people make friends for life while at college. Clearly that won’t happen if you get your degree through a distance learning program. Again this is a personal preference as obviously some people have little interest in the social part of college. Many working adults who would like to make friends at school realize that it is something they will have to give up in order to get a degree without having to quit their jobs.

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