Telephone Marketing – Good Business Or A Nuisance?

The article concerns the following question – Telephone Marketing – Good Business Or A Nuisance? A few weeks ago I wrote a review about an affiliate training program. something I enjoy doing. So like any other review I post it on my website for all to see. Then a couple days ago I’m checking to see how my pages are ranking and this review is on page 5 of Google.

Telephone Marketing – Good Business Or A Nuisance

My first reaction was “Cool!”. Then I realized I didn’t sign up for this sites affiliate program. So as I have been taught – Never pass up an opportunity to make a sale – I went to see if they had an affiliate program. Low and behold they did

Then I go through the process of filling out the form to get my affiliate link. No big deal except the form called for my phone number (and not thinking) so I typed in the number.


The next day all hell breaks loose.

Some time around 8 AM the next morning I get a call. They want to know if I want to work from home and make some really good money. Within about a 2 hour period after that initial call I got 6 more calls that morning. I also got another 5 calls at lunch and extra 10 that evening

The next day wasn’t any better. The calls started early and often and I got so mad I asked this youngster how he got my number in a not so nice tone. He stuttered and hung up. Actually felt sorry for the boy.

So is telephone marketing good business or a big pain?

To me it’s one big pain and I have no problem saying that. As I saw some of the area codes, they looked like they were close to where my daughter lives. Not knowing if she was calling from work or from someone elses phone I didn’t know for sure. So no I don’t like these types of calls

So how do you stop these calls?

Very simple – Don’t give out your number on a website unless you have confidence they won’t pass your number over to solicitors.

Lastly if you do get a call from a marketer ask them to add your number to the Do Not Call list. That should stop the calls. It did for me.

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