Is Good Stuff for Your Affiliate Marketing Blog

This article tells that Is Good Stuff for Your Affiliate Marketing Blog. There are many search engines out there that you have to consider in Affiliate Marketing. Some are more universal, while some are somewhat specialized. While the universal ones, such as, are good to view where you and the competition are at (in relation to each other) overall, sometimes it’s good to use specialized search engines to find out how you compare in certain, specific areas. is one such specialized search engine. Is Good Stuff for Your Affiliate Marketing Blog


Technorati Is a Blog Search Engine’s original intent was to be a search engine for blogs. It competes with and’s search engines in this specific area. The way it has classically worked is that it searches blog tags and keywords and ranks the most recent ones first. This, as you may see, can make Technorati an invaluable tool. By this, it can essentially be a gauge to see how quickly your blog posts are going in relation to the competition. From a single search on Technorati, you can see if you need to increase your blogging frequency or if you’re doing just fine that way.

Keep On Top of Page Ranking Criteria

As with any search engine, it is best to keep abreast of the news on how page ranking is done. Technorati has made several changes throughout the years, and it’s good to know what’s going on so that you can be a step ahead in using this tool. In 2007, they had made a very controversial move towards listing thumbnail images, leading some to say that the company was departing from its original mission.

Being on top of this information, some companies were able to adapt and optimize their thumbnail images and their usage accordingly, while others got left in the dust. It’s definitely good to keep in mind that the opposition is in all likelihood using this tool and keeping up-to-date as well. Vigilance is a key element whenever you play this kind of hardball.

Not only do your competitors use Technorati, but let’s also keep in mind that many average users are using it too. Otherwise, why would you particularly care where you rank in regard to your competition here? What you are ultimately striving for is that ever-coveted front page. Be the first in line.  Post daily. Outsource it if you have to.

Technorati – Useful Beyond Searching Blogs

Technorati isn’t just useful for searching blogs, either. It uses and contributes to open source software. It’s a place where you can find public developers and programmers to collaborate on certain aspects of your business, as well as finding free software to use for your business. I know some people cringe at the word free when it comes to getting business software.

However, quite often, open source is comparable and sometimes superior to premium software. Open Office vs. Microsoft Office is such an example. Both are considered to be the industry standards in that kind of software.

To wrap it all up, is a useful tool in multiple ways. It can show you how your blogging relates to your competitors and whether or not you need to up the pace on your blogging. It can also network you with open source software developers and provide you with open source software. It’s a keeper.

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