Steps To Taking Home Business Online 2: Setting Up A Website

That article is about Steps To Taking Home Business Online 2: Setting Up A Website.

Steps To Taking Home Business Online 2: Setting Up A Website


3 Easy Steps to Setup A Website

In order for an online marketer to reach out to all their prospective clients/customers, a website is needed.  A website can be said to be a set of related web pages (documents) in form of text, images, audio or videos that can be accessed via the internet. Getting your website up and running is now relatively easy and you do not even have to bother with coding and stuffs like that.

To get your site up and running, here are three steps you need to take

    1. Register a domain name
    2. Hook it up with hosting account
    3. Set it up with a WordPress blog

Get A Domain Name

Getting a domain name is normally the first step in setting up a website.  Just like when registering a business name, it is good practice to choose a name that is related to what you are planning to promote like “” or one that is wide range like “”. With the second name, you can have as many related subdomain or pages as you like without having to go buy a new name every time. Choosing a domain name can be a lot easier if you have already chosen your niche ( if you are yet to chosen your niche learn how you can from Steps To Taking Home Business Online 1).

As someone just starting out on internet marketing, here are a few things you should have in mind when choosing a domain name

  • At the moment, the domain with .com and .org rank well in search engines
  • Avoid hyphens in your domain name
  • Your first domain is probably not going to be your last

Having decided on your domain name (do have more than one domain name that way you can have a list to chose from when one is already taken), the next thing you want to do is secure the name. Here is how you can buy your domain, yes, you will have to BUY your domain.

Domains are bought from registrars and there are lot of them that you can buy from.

Namecheap: I have been buying my domain from Namecheap and have been happy with them. They are as the name suggest cheap and easy to navigate.

Hostgator: I have not bought any domain from them but I have heard that they have excellent customer service.

Go Daddy, 1&1 are among the list of registrars commonly used.

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