Stay Away From Fake Online Diplomas

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Stay Away From Fake Online Diplomas. The Internet has transformed our lives by enlightening us about a world of things. At the same time, it is also a platform where much counterfeit activities take place. If you are planning to get enrolled in an online degree/diploma program, it is essential to do a thorough research on the online institution. This is because, in recent times, a number of websites are churning out fake diplomas and degrees. In fact, selling fake online degrees and diplomas have become a big business today.

Stay Away From Fake Online Diplomas

There are a number of business mills that pretend to act as legitimate colleges and universities and reward a degree without evaluating the assignments submitted by the students. These universities also sell degrees and diplomas at different level of academics that ranges from bachelor’s degree, vocational courses to even a doctoral degree.

Who gets into fake online diploma?

Fake online schools provide diploma to two types of students. The first category belongs to individuals who are looking for genuine diploma and unknowingly get enrolled in the fake diploma scam. The second category belongs to those individuals who are well aware that they are getting into fake diploma, but are doing so to build their credentials in the academic sphere.

How do you find out?

There are certain things that indicate that the online colleges are not legitimate.

– They often take names that are similar to renowned colleges or universities. However, they do not mention the name of accrediting agency. Sometimes, they give a fake agency name. The organization also changes address and location on the website.

– The content on the website are often dotted with numerous spelling as well as grammatical errors.

– They often make tall claims such as ‘no exams – get degree online’ or ‘get enrolled and have your degree in 10 days’ and so on. These are not practical or legitimate options in any academic degree/diploma.

– When the institute does not require any previous academic history and marks cards from students, it means they are not real.

– In fake colleges, you would not find any interaction happening with any faculty members

How do you prevent yourself?

There are certain ways by which you can prevent yourself from getting cheated.

– Check the accreditation agency. Find out whether it is sanctioned officially or at all exists by checking online or calling up.

– The official website of the US Department of Education recognizes certain accrediting agencies. These include the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET). Check whether the colleges you wish to get enrolled are listed in either of these categories.

– Find out from the Better Business Bureau whether the school is operating legally. Find out whether any one has filed any complaints against the institution.

– Find out about the faculty members. What level of expertise they have and how can you interact with them

By being a little cautious, you can stay away from fake online diplomas that would not be recognized by either of your prospective employers or other universities, as well as save a lot of money from being wasted.

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