Starting an Ecommerce Website

In the article it is spoken about Starting an Ecommerce Website. An ecommerce website is exclusively dedicated to buying and selling online. Although, this seems very easy, starting an ecommerce website can certainly be a tough challenge. To ensure that you start on the right note, the following steps will certainly be of great help:

Starting an Ecommerce Website


Decide the right Product/Service

Deciding the right product/service is the first and obviously the most important step while starting an ecommerce website. While deciding your niche, it is critical to study the industry, current market trends and your competitors. Your product or service should have a definite USP that will give you an edge over the rest. Also, it is better to venture into an industry that is not over crowded or saturated with too many players or else it will become difficult to get recognized.

Clean and User friendly Website

A clean UI and a logical navigation and flow are the basis of starting an ecommerce website. Users must be able to find the right product or service without any trouble. It is recommended that the website has sections, high quality images, crisp and clear content and a secure payment gateway. Images are very important as users make their decision based on the images. They must show every minute detail about the product to ensure a better and more ‘real’ shopping experience. Content should be formulated so as to give maximum product information along with being useful for SEO.

 SSL Certification

A security certificate or an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) assurance is yet another pre-requisite for starting an ecommerce website. An SSL software ensures that all the critical customer information like passwords, card details and account numbers that are entered on the website while shopping are encrypted and secure. In the US, almost 15% users do not shop online for the fear of online fraud while in the UK the number is a whopping 41%. Thus, to ensure that more and more customers buy from your website, you must build a strong relationship based on trust.

Credit Card Processing

Credit/debit cards are the most common payment options for users while shopping online. Before starting an ecommerce website you must acquire the most secure and convenient payment gateway option that can process credit/debit card payments. Although there are numerous alternatives available, it is best to research thoroughly and even contact company executives to fully understand their features, terms and conditions in order to choose the right one.

Setting up a Merchant Account

A merchant account is exclusively for business owners and allows the owners to accept credit card payments made online. Although these accounts are provided by almost all the standard banks, merchant accounts are different from ordinary accounts. Merchant accounts also have a different set of rules and regulations and the violation of these rules is considered as fraud.

These are some of the fundamental features that you must consider and work upon before starting an ecommerce website. Every point mentioned above forms a pillar for your ecommerce website. Thus, you must ensure that each of these pillars is strong enough to carry the website.

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