Social Media Platforms Can Help Publicize You

The following article tells that Social Media Platforms Can Help Publicize You. No writer wants to write and read what he has written all by him/her self. No inventor wants to create something and make use of it by him/her self. The reason we give time to doing what we do is for us to be known for what we do, for us to help people with what we do, and for us to make money from what we do.

Social Media Platforms Can Help Publicize You

When a new brand/product enters the market, the first thing that is being done is publicity, because it’s only when this is done that people will start to patronize that brand/product.

Likewise us as bloggers, we ought to be publicized. With the invention of social medias, getting information into the public has become very easy. There are two major platforms am interested in that I will like to share with you that can help publicize you. Am sure you know about them already, because it is likely you must have gotten to know what I do through any of them. Am talking about facebook and twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are great social networking platforms amongst many others, but these two are the most common. Twitter is cool and with just a button, people can start seeing all about you and what you post immediately. Twitter even has a way of introducing people to other people, free of charge, as long as they have common interests based on what they’ve filled on their profile and what they’ve been posting about. Facebook on the other hand is also a great platform, only that meeting people is based on authorization.

No one can be friends with you unless you authorize it and you can’t be friends with others as well unless they authorize it. Apart from making friends and telling your friends about what you do, you can also have pages on facebook. The page aspect of facebook can be likined to twitter whereby with just a single click on the like button, people start seeing all that you have in store for them. But for people to recognize your page on facebook, you must invite your friends and tell your friends to invite their friends, and then there is a whole wide community being formed on your page.

At invitation, if the friend invited is interested in what he/she is about to start seeing, the person accepts the invitation and if the person doesn’t, he/she declines your invitation. Facebook has also provided a way that you can advertize to people that are not your friends also by just paying a token to get your page advertized to a wider community of facebook users based on age/region that are not even your friends.

These ways mentioned above, when applied will make you known and make people get the news about what you do/what you are into.

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