Six Sure Ways to Improve Search Rankings For Your Blog

This article tells you about Six Sure Ways to Improve Search Rankings For Your Blog. Traffic from search engines is the most coveted type of traffic by many bloggers, online marketers and webmasters in general. Visitors from search engines are usually very targeted and it’s therefore vital to always work and improve search rankings for your blog or website.

Six Sure Ways to Improve Search Rankings For Your Blog

Traffic from search engines does not come easily especially for newer bloggers. Even the more experienced bloggers are always concerned with how many visitors they get from search engines.

Improving search rankings is a sure way to improve your organic traffic. The top search engines like google assign page ranks to websites (ranging from PR0 to PR10) to determine the authority of a certain website or blog in covering a certain topic or subject.

What this means is that a blog with a page rank closer to PR10 has more authority in the eyes of google than another related blog with PR0 for example. Consequently, the blog with the higher page rank has a better chance of showing up in search engine result pages if the two blogs were to target the same keywords.

Here I’ve prepared tips to improve search rankings for your site.


Target Long-Term Key Phrases

When doing keyword research for your blog content, try looking for long-term niche specific key phrases. These normally have lower competition and are much easier to rank for. Many people using google search or other search engines will normally use three, four or more words when searching for information.

Use your favorite keyword tool to determine the phrases that potential blog visitors use. Avoid going for the very high competition keywords.

Once you’ve determined your longer phrases, ensure your on-page SEO is well done. Use the relevant key phrases in your title tags, headings, inside your content, meta descriptions, etc. All this is important in terms of your search engine rankings.

Deep internal Linking

Internal linking involves interlinking related blog posts on your blog to each other. This is a good technique since it makes search engines understand what your blog is about. It brings out the theme of your blogging.

Deeply linking your new blog posts to older posts will make search engine spiders stay longer on your blog as they follow those links and crawl more of your blog pages.

A good way to improve your internal linking is to come up with closely related blog topics so you can easily link your blog posts to each other.

Deep internal linking is also beneficial in terms of keeping visitors longer on your blog.

Original Content

Useful Content has always ruled the internet and this is what drives most blogs. Search engines are always crawling the web in search of fresh, original content that they can index in their databases and present to their users.

The more original and unique your blog content is the better. Search engines smile on such content and will give more authority to blogs that produce this type of content.

Conduct thorough research during your content creation to find information gaps that you can fill with your content. In the post panda and post penguin era, quality content is being given more attention than ever before.

Relevant Backlinking

Backlinking has always and will always be vital in any SEO efforts. Links drive the web and having valuable links pointing back to your blog will improve search rankings for you.

The quality of backlinks to your blog is what matters most. Don’t get obsessed with having thousands of backlinks but rather concentrate on acquiring links from related sites with good page rank. The higher the page rank of the site linking to you the better that link will serve in improving your own page rank.

Guest blogging on high page rank blogs is a great way to earn good backlinks that will improve search rankings for your blog. Blog commenting, forum posting, link baiting, social bookmarking, etc are other good ways to build backlinks.

External Linking to Authority Sites

When you write your blog posts, it’s always wise to moderately link to other related sites to add credibility or to make it easier for readers to gain more insight.

Linking externally to related authority websites or blogs will also improve your credibility in the eyes of google and other search engines. Search engines will trust your blog when you associate with other top blogs or websites in your industry.

You should however be moderate with your linking since as you link to other blogs or websites, you’ll be giving some link juice from your own pages to those external pages. Only link where necessary.

Utilizing Social Media Sites

Social media sites have become very vital in SEO. Google and other search engines integrate social signals in their ranking algorithms. As such, it’s essential to think of social media when looking at ways to improve search rankings for your blog.

Make it easy and encourage others to share your content on social media sites. Use plugins or other means to integrate social media on your blog. Remember to be active on social media sites like twitter, linkedIn, facebook, google plus, etc. All these are great and will send positive signals to search engines.

These tips are useful for any blogger or SEO beginner wishing to improve their search rankings. They’re also important for even the experienced blogger who wants to jog their minds in terms of search rankings and SEO.

Share with us other tips you use to improve search rankings for your blog.

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