Should Bloggers Sacrifice their Sleep for Blogging?

The article concerns the question – Should Bloggers Sacrifice their Sleep for Blogging? Sleep is one of the most necessary things that a human body needs to stay alive and face the world. Since it is not possible to live without food and water, it is also impossible to be alive without sleeping. Sleeping for at least six hours everyday makes your mind fresh and your body stays in strong shape as well.

Should Bloggers Sacrifice their Sleep for Blogging?

If you are not sleeping properly you might be killing your brain. But should you sacrifice your sleep for Blogging ? Should you blog till late night or whole night to be successful as soon as possible ? Is it going to help you?

Well, answer to all these question is just one word. No ! No .. No…..I have been trying to do same thing when I was new to blogging and I ended up with countless problems. I’m not a Doctor or a medical student who is gonna give you a lecture so be easy and feel relaxed.

I know how it feels like to sacrifice sleep for anything especially Blogging but still I went on to ask some of my friends and other fellow Bloggers about the same thing so I could cover what is reality. And the truth is You can’t get any benefits by regularly missing your sleep for Blogging on long terms and here is why.

Feeling Tired

The first and foremost effect that I felt and I’m sure many of you feel is being tired all the time no matter you are watching T.v , in Playground or doing your most favorite thing (mine is blogging). You never feel fresh and the thought of doing something big and different remains far away from your mind’s thinking circle. It badly affects your whole routine and things are affected by you.

People around you in real life start feeling this thing that you are ignoring them or they are no longer important to you while the truth is quite different. You want to play with your kids or hangout with friends but are unable to do because you are never fresh.

Blogger’s Block

One the biggest problems of my entire Blogging career was Blogging Block that was caused by lack of sleep. When I was first into it, I thought all Bloggers remain in same condition all the time but no.. I was wrong.. Extremely wrong when I realized that this was a problem that caould be solved with a little bit of determination and knowledge.

And when finding the solution, the first thing that I learned “treat yourself first and Blogging later” and by “Yourself” it means everything about you. Your family and your friends.
So be aware of this fact when thinking to spend the whole night trying to Blog.

Producing Crap

Even though you are spending your complete nights, complete days trying to write posts and posts but what are you doing actually ? What is the quality of content ? Absolutely nothing. Trust me there is no way to produce great content while being sleepless for many hours. The only thing that you can produce while missing your sleep for blogging is “crap”.


Now since you are in first three problems, you are feeling tired and are not able to think what to write next and if you are getting to create some content that is fully crap. Then the fourth problem begins… You get bored by all of this thing and start thinking about Blogging like millions of other people “It’s just a waste of time” and quit this business before it could be started.

But who is actually to be blamed for this all ? You and only you. Blogging is not important than sleep in any part of the world and life. So be wise while making the choice.

Brain Fails

Not only you start to suffer in Blogging, but you begin to feel bad things in other daily tasks. Like forgetting things very quickly or not hearing what someone else is saying even while looking at their face.

Yeah ! I’m serious. It happens.

I’ve been in the same thing for a little time and it was disturbing and horrible experience. What in world can be worst than not hearing to the person who you are looking at face. There are other bad things can happen to you as well. So treat yourself first and care about Blogging later. That’s what you learned today.

All that I said above was my experience and the knowledge that I could found. If any body has any problems with it or want to add something more in this article , (s)he is welcomed to comment below.

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